Monday, August 23, 2010

Time With The Babes!

If there's one thing I can be truly happy about right now, it's the fact that being in Colby gives me many more opportunities to spend time with my awesome nieces and nephews (and the rest of my family)! It seems like every time I see them, something else has changed, so I'm glad I can be around them as much as possible. In spending time with the kids the other day, here are a few things I learned that I didn't realize before:

1. Painting pictures at the kitchen table is still fun.
2. Taking the kids for ice cream is enjoyable because I get some too!
3. They're still afraid I'll move far away...forever... :(
4. Dolls for kids have gotten scarier looking (see image below).
4. Peyton (10) AND Lia (7) know how to text message, and they do it!
5. Austyn (5) can write, and it actually looks good!
6. Tayt will jump off pretty much a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.
7. Nash is a fatty. Oh wait, I already knew that...
8. I cannot wait for the new baby to arrive!!!!!!!!!

(Austyn's creepy doll)

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