Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I wouldn't be surprised if I did a post like this last year too on 11/11/11 (I'll have to look back and check), but I gotta tell ya, I LOVE when random things like these crazy dates happen, or even when I hit 100,000 miles on the car or something. I'm odd. But really, only once a century will people see dates like 12/12/12. I get super excited, and most of my close friends know this about me. I was tempted to spread my love for it all over Facebook today, but I was reluctant because it is also Aaron Rodgers Day here in Wisconsin. I love him, and I love the Packers, but everyone was posting about it, so I thought, "Eh. Nobody cares about my weird quirks." ;) That being said, I thought I'd include something here just to mark this neat day in history since we'll never see it again in our lifetimes! Sadly, I was just thinking, "Oooh. I'm excited for when it's 2/2/22." Stop that, Renee! No need to be wishing 10 years away. At that time, I'll be 10 years older, and since I'm freaking out about my impending 27th birthday in a couple weeks, I think I'll avoid thinking that far ahead. Ha! Okay, now I'm just rambling. Hope you all had a good day. Happy 12/12/12! :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Sometimes I wonder why I even have a blog, especially in moments like this when I'm posting about something that happened 2 months ago. Ha! Anyway, I've got a little time, so I just wanted to post about a fun little excursion to Madison with some of my favorite ladies. My best friend Erin went to school at UW-Madison, so she and I used to frequent Badger football games as often as we could. We've tried our best to continue that tradition since graduating. Two years ago, she and I went with our friend Jill, who went to school at University of Minnesota. Jill, being the traitor she is;), came with another Minnesota friend and we had ourselves a friendly little Badgers/Gophers rivalry for the homecoming game. Of course, the Badgers won. :) Well, since we had so much fun that time, we decided to do it again this year, and we added a few more people into the mix. We had 3 Badgers fans and 3 Gophers fans. Fortunately, we're all good-natured, so it wasn't THAT much of a rivalry, ha! We lucked out in that it was somewhere between 50-60 degrees (after a stretch of really cold weather), so it was a perfect day, especially because the Badgers won (again)! We met up with Erin's parents and some of their friends for an awesome tailgate, and then we headed to the stadium for the game. Some of us remember more of that game than others... ;) Overall, it was a fantastic time! Take a look!
Bus to the tailgate!
 Gopher girls! (Boo;)
Badger girls! (Yay;)
The whole crew!
Our seats were awesome!
 Back to the tailgate after the game. It only went downhill from here... ;)
 Me and Steve-o!
 The adults schooling us in tippy cup, ha!
Aren't these cups just hilarious?!