Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weekend Full of Family!

Two weeks ago, I got the amazing chance to go home and do nothing but visit with family. 99.9% of the time, I am going home for an event or something, so it's rare that my entire weekend is spent soaking up time with all the fam. This was such a fantastic change of pace, I can't even describe it. Unfortunately, L was out of town so he wasn't able to join, but hopefully we'll get back there soon. I came into town on Friday night and went straight to my brother and Court's house to celebrate some birthdays! My nephew Nash had just turned 5, and my nephew Peyton was turning 14. Ahhhhh! Court's sister's son also had a birthday, there was tons of family and children everywhere. Always a blast! Probably the most exciting thing was meeting my new niece Theo Daisy and my new nephew Will David. My sister-in-laws had their new babies just days apart from each other, so there is so much baby excitement going on these days. Spending that much time with them pretty much convinced me it's time to have a baby...NOW. ;) That was a crazy night just catching up and enjoying time with everyone. The next day, my niece Lia had a volleyball tournament, so my mom and I spent a good chunk watching three of the younger kiddos that day. McDonald's adventures and all! :) Dave and Court both had to leave for a bit at one point, so believe it or not, I was in charge of all EIGHT kiddos on my own for a period of time. Thankfully, the older ones are super helpful at keeping the younger ones occupied, and I was able to mostly just hold baby Will the whole time. I couldn't get enough! Just stayed in that night, and then I bummed around on Sunday with my mom a bit before heading to a school play of some of the kiddos. Ended the weekend by popping over to Wausau and seeing my best friend Erin (long overdue) and going back to Madison. It was seriously a perfect weekend. Loved every minute of it and can't wait until I can go back again! Enjoy some photos from my family adventures:).
 Me and Theo! (Above and below.)
 So many kiddos!
 Me with 9 out of 10 of my nieces and nephews. Eeeee! (Theo was eating;).
 Me and Will!
 Me and Drew!
 I can't quite tell if Meg likes cake or not... ;)
 Me and Lia!
 Me and Nash!
 Me and T (and his big wad of gum;).
 Me and P! Can't believe he just turned 14!
 Cracks me up every time! Theo and Will sporting birthday hats:).
 Me and crazy Meg!
 Me and Austyn!
 Me and Homer! So sad it's blurry. :(
 More accurate representation of what it's like to try and get normal photos;).
 Day two with Rowdy (Drew)!
 Add Nasher into the mix!
 So serious;).
 That hat!
 Nasher seemed to enjoy the finger puppets I got him!:)
 Couldn't get enough of holding baby Will. Such a doll!
 Homer rockin' a sweet sweatshirt!:)
 The kids in their school play!