Sunday, November 24, 2013

More Wedding Pics!

As you've already seen in a previous post, I was in my best friend's wedding in October and had a ton of fun! Just recently, she posted all the of the photographer's photos from that day, so I figured I'd share a sample of those with you since I really like them. I was worried I wouldn't like my hair that day, but in all the pictures I look at, I see myself and think, "Damn, I look good." ;) I loved the dresses we had because I think they looked great on everyone. And with everyone in black (except for Erin, of course), I just thought we looked really elegant as a wedding party. Can't believe the wedding was almost two months ago already! Enjoy some new pics and I'll be back soon!
 Getting Erin into her dress!
 Love this shot of the bridesmaids!
Me and my bestie!:)
Love these girls!
Getting out of the limo and going to get hitched!
 Caught a little off guard before the ceremony!
Becca and Benny! (I'll be in their wedding next August!)
 Walking in!
Picked up mid-aisle by the best man!
 Erin and Steve-o walking in.
Love the look on their faces!
 Such a wonderful pic!
 Making it official! :)
 The wedding party!
Limo party! :)
Such a beautiful bride. :)
Showing Ross how much we love him. ;)
 Makes me laugh every time!
 Probably one of my faves! Just more casual and natural.

Let's go celebrate!!
 Making our entrance into the banquet hall!
Ready for dinner!
Steve-o's speech!
 Mama and Papa H!
Not the most attractive photo, but here's me giving my speech before I totally lost it!
I don't have any words for this... ;)
 Colby crew!
Surprising Steve-o with "Benny and the Jets!"
Dollar Dance!
Me and L. Love this picture!! <3

What a great night!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

L's Birthday!

You know I'm behind when I'm doing a post about something that was over a month ago, but still wanted to say a little something about the fun we had for L's birthday. Originally, I was going to make L a birthday dinner ON his birthday, but since much of his family is in town, we all went out after work to Journey for Chinese food and sushi instead. We stuffed ourselves full and then went out for a couple drinks afterwards. Lots of fun! I still wanted to do something special for him, so we waited until we had a free weekend and could celebrate together. During that weekend, we went out for a nice dinner on Friday at a place that L won a gift card for, and the next day, we built a fort, watched a bunch of movies, and had a nice birthday dinner that I made (with help on the asparagus;). I wish we had weekends like that more often. I say that now as I sit here on a Saturday evening by myself. I've got a nasty cold that creeped in yesterday, and he's on his way to Arkansas for the next week. He goes every year for Thanksgiving to see his parents and his oldest brother and his brother's family. I'm happy he gets to make that trip every year, but sad that we haven't been able to spend a Thanksgiving together yet. Comes with the territory, I suppose! Anyway, we enjoyed having a couple different celebrations for his birthday, and I hope you enjoy a few pics from our adventures!:)

 L with his first plates of food at Journey on his actual birthday!
 Enjoying some drinks at Buffalo Wild Wings!
 All of us getting a kick out of L's niece D!
L's sister M and his niece D. She was eyeing up that martini! ;)
 On our walk home, we stumbled across this beauty of a tree! :)
This is another one we saw. I love fall colors!
 The restaurant L won a gift card to is called The Wise. It's in a hotel by campus. We weren't sure what to expect since the items were a little pricey and they were 'small plates,' so we kinda thought we might spend a lot of money for a little food. Thankfully, we got a pretty solid amount of food, and it was all taken care of by the gift card. Yum!
 Our delicious dessert!
 Day two of our relaxing, 'birthday' weekend. Here is our fort!

 L testing it out!
 Hanging out inside the fort. :)
 Perfect fit!
 After being lazy all day, we finally started moving around and I made dinner for L. We had Parmesan Crusted Chicken, scalloped potatoes, and steamed asparagus. SO good. In fact, we both loved the chicken so much that we made it again a few nights later! :)
Mmmmm. Hope you all get a relaxing weekend in there sometime soon too!