Cookin' in the Kitchen

I suppose when you start a blog with no real direction in mind like I did, it's easy for said blog to shift in focus pretty easily. I started this blog when I was on the hunt for my first professional job, partially because I was bored, and partially because I felt like documenting my journey. Since then, it has morphed in many ways, and one of my favorite ways is that it has served as a place for me to share some of my favorite recipes! I am not a natural-born cook, and I grew up with a caterer for a mother, two older brothers, and a dad who are all fantastic cooks, meaning I never really had to learn. (Excuses, excuses;). Fortunately for me, after about 26 years on this planet, I finally got enough sense in my head to realize there was more to life than boxed pasta and ramen noodles (which, admittedly are still some of my favorite go-to foods from time to time;). I began experimenting with small things, and slowly, I've tackled several recipes that would have previously made me run screaming in the opposite direction. I love moments where I have three things going on the stove at one time and I no longer freak out; never thought that would happen to me! And while I'm still very much a learner that relies heavily on step-by-step directions, I am very proud of how far I have come in the past few years. I hope the recipes below expand your horizons and inspire you to try something new. I plan to keep adding to this list as the days and months go by, so please keep checking back. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my cooking adventures! :) And please forgive me for the very amateur photography, especially in my earliest recipes when I had an ancient camera phone! I'm working on it. ;) Happy cooking, all!

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