Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Settling In!

Yo, yo! I am here! Seriously, this is becoming a monthly blog, and this makes me very sad. :-/ Not like excuses matter to most people, but here are my excuses:
  1. I've had lots of doctor appointments over the past month or so, trying to get to the bottom of a few health issues I've had. I briefly mentioned it in my last post, but it has been very overwhelming, time-consuming, and exhausting! I will do my best to provide more context soon, but it's a lot of info, and I want to share a few more exciting things! :)
  2. Work has been INSANE. I feel like I'm always saying that, but it legitimately drains me. I'm getting a lot of solid experience, but it's been tough, not gonna lie. I just keep getting more and more responsibilities without getting any extra time or compensation to do them, and it doesn't do a whole lot for my morale. Welcome to adulthood, right? ;) Trying to stay positive!
  3. My work is paying for me to take some courses to complete a Social Media Certificate program through the university. Since part of my responsibilities are marketing for the office, it made sense for them to cover it, and I'm glad they did! It will help me in my current job and in the future. This falls into the list because classes mean homework. And there's a decent amount! I'm not used to coming home and not being able to just sit around. Ha.
Okay, those are the main things. And travel, of course, because I'm always on the go. Now that L is in Madison, I've spent much more time there. And I got to go home last weekend and meet my newest niece!! More to come on that. Anyway, the main purpose of this entry is to give you a glimpse into my new apartment! You can take a look at my old apartment here! I moved on October 1 (man, over 2 weeks ago already), and fortunately, I'm getting pretty settled already! Despite what my parents would tell you about my childhood, I don't like living in a mess. ;) Rather than talking too much about the transition, aside from the fact that the tenant before me did a TERRIBLE job cleaning my new place, I thought I'd just show you some photos! First you'll see the apartment before I moved anything in, and then you'll get a "finished" glimpse. Take a look and let me know what you think! I personally love it. :)
 View when you walk into my apartment.
 One view of livingroom.
 Hallway view from kitchen/livingroom area.
(Hallway closet ahead, bedroom right, bathroom left.)
 View from hallway towards kitchen/entryway. Coat closet straight ahead.
 Walking into the bedroom!
 Bedroom closet. (It's bigger than it looks.)
 View of other window from inside bedroom.

View when you walk into the apartment!
Another kitchen view (from the livingroom).
View of livingroom from the kitchen!
(Notice how I got the table, my desk, and my bookshelf all to fit quite well!:)
 Last kitchen view. ;)
Livingroom view towards the kitchen!
Another livingroom angle. I love my bookshelf. It holds my books, movies, and lots of trinkets! :)
Hallway view.
Rest assured, I am making GOOD use of the closet. :)
View from hallway towards the kitchen.
 Walking into the bedroom!
 A little better view.
 Bedroom view looking towards closet.
 Bedroom view towards window and TV.
 View from closet.
(Notice the HUGE breaker box in the middle of the wall. Who's idea was that?!?!)
 One side of my closet. I make sure to use every inch of available space. ;)
 Another bathroom angle!

Still some work to be done, but... WHAT DO YOU THINK?! :)