Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Current Addictions...

Here are some things I am currently addicted to:
(In no particular order...)

1. Lifetime Channel
2. Knock Knock products (In case you didn't catch on from all of my posts, I am a list-making freak. These products feed my addiction.)
3. Minesweeper
4. Anything and everything related to football season
5. Listening to Justin Bieber and my new Mumford & Sons CD
6. Dresses (especially ones with pockets)
7. Laughing Cow cheese with pretzels
8. Facebook
9. My camera (...and my phone...and my computer...)
10. All things Quotable
11. Sweatpants
12. Adding change to my sweet-ass piggy bank
13. Bejeweled
14. ModCloth Indie & Vintage Clothing
15. Law and Order: SVU re-runs
16. Stackable totes (They have saved my life...)
17. Mini cans of soda

I will probably continually be adding to this list. I always mannage to find new addictions and obsessions. :)

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