Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot Outside?

Well, it appears we're all suffering from a MASSIVE heat wave these days. Although, it's rather chilly here today compared to what we experienced earlier this week. Kidding. It's not chilly by any stretch of the imagination. But, at "only" 97 degrees today with a heat index of 102, we are cooler than yesterday if you can believe it! I spend most of my time indoors at work, so I haven't suffered too much. I must say, I do find it a little bit funny when people complain in the winter about how much they want it to be summer, yet when it gets hot, they're the first to complain about how miserable they are... I kinda like the heat. In small doses...ha! Thought this picture was fitting (and hilarious) given what we've all been experiencing! :) Do your best to be safe and stay cool, folks! Happy Summer!

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