Thursday, July 19, 2012


When I was up in La Crosse last weekend, I took Monday off and was able to get in for my much needed scheduled hair appointment. I'm not sure if you all have one, but I'm under the firm belief that when you find the right person to do your hair, it's really hard to let them go! I found that person in Jenna, my stylist from the Orange Pearl Salon. The last time I got my hair done there (I think it was back in April, eesh!), I scheduled my next [tentative] appointment for mid-June. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to that one since I wasn't in town, so by the time Monday's appointment rolled around, I was well over a month beyond my normal time between appointments. Yikes! Anyway........ Way more information than you needed to know about my hair routine, but just wanted to give you a quick pic to show you my new 'do! Nothing drastically different than my past few cuts, and I know this pic doesn't give the best sense for the color, but hopefully you get the idea! I love that I have such good hair days right after I get it cut. Never used to be the case! I've got a keeper in Jenna! And stay tuned for a post with more details from my weekend in La Crosse! :)


casey said...

Yep Yep Yep. Super cute:)

Renee said...

Thanks Casey!! :) I like it a lot. I never think my hair's that long until I go in for a new cut. Then I'm reminded how much I like it this length! ;)