Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Long Weekend!

Last week, I was lucky enough to be able to take Thursday and Friday off. I had a work event on Wednesday evening, and L was in town for the event as well. He stayed with me through the weekend, so we had lots of time to just hang and relax. Wonderful! We had a busy day on Thursday that involved almost five, yes FIVE hours at the Milwaukee County Zoo (love that place!), followed by an evening of food and drinks with some friends at Barnacle Buds. I tell ya, those little buckets of Coronitas (7 oz bottles) are dangerous. ;) I know I've mentioned Barnacle Buds a couple of times, and I think I love it so much because it reminds me very much of one of my favorite hidden gems in La Crosse called Huck Finns (no website). A cool little place right on the water. If you come to visit me in MKE, remind me to take you there. Really neat! Anyway, Friday was spent grocery shopping...and cooking...and relaxing. It was really nice! As many of you have already told me, I'm definitely spoiled when it comes to the meals I eat when L is in the kitchen. No complaints here! ;) My Aunt Becky was in town on Saturday, so we (mostly L) cooked again and made a wonderful lunch for her. That was a lot of fun. And it was delicious! The meal was a new one for him, and he did great. I loved it! The rest of the day and Sunday were both very lowkey. Just what we both wanted and needed. Anyway, one would think that having Thursday-Sunday off would feel like a long time, but man, did it fly! :( I most certainly enjoyed it and only wish that's what every day could be like! Someday...when I win the lottery and no longer have to work anymore... Until then, enjoy some fun zoo pictures and a few randoms from the weekend.
 Silverback Gorilla!
 Poison Dart Frogs!
 Big 'ol Turtle!
(Not sure what kind they were.)
 Pretty view in the zoo!
 Trying to capture some of that prettiness in a pic with L.
 Giraffe! (I love this one!)
 Lion! (He looks badass.)
 Another picture in the zoo!
 These views (above and below) are gorgeous!

Barnacle Buds!
 Homemade bruschetta as part of our Saturday meal!
 The whole meal!
Homemade Bruschetta
Linguine tossed in spinach and a homemade basil pistachio pesto
Seared scallops


Courtney said...

looks delicious! and I think the kids would LOVE the zoo... end of the year mini vacation??? quite possibly!

Renee said...

Yes and yes! Was amazingly delicious, and you're right. The kids would love the zoo! Trust me, there were PLENTY of kids there, so you'd fit right in. ;) Let's do it!