Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Way behind here, but I took some fun pictures of fireworks on my phone over the 4th of July and wanted to share them with you! I was lucky enough to spend the evening on a boat with my former roommate and a few other people. It was a gorgeous night, and I even got to spend a little time IN the water. A lot of fun to get outside for a bit and to see some fun people. While I'm not a master photographer by any means, I thought my phone did a pretty good job of capturing a few neat photos of fireworks from the boat. Hope you enjoy! :)

P.S. After I published this, I realized how small these photos are and how NOT awesome they look in this post compared to normal size. Hopefully you can still get the idea!



How cool is this last one?!


rlzimmerman said...

Very cool pics! Love them!

Courtney said...

favorite is the last one :)

Renee said...

Mine too! I saved the best for last...and so did they! :) I couldn't believe that picture when I got it. I've never seen one like that on film before! Pretty good for an almost 3-year old phone.