Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Retail Therapy:)

Since I moved to MKE, I've had very few opportunities to really spend money on myself. Yes, I've gone out for dinner. Yes, I go get drinks once in awhile. Yes, I've bought an occasional item of clothing here and there. But none of that has occurred without making me feel a huge amount of anxiety about whether or not those expenditures would cause me to eat crumbs off my kitchen floor until my next paycheck arrived. So, needless to say, receiving my WI tax refund last week made me feel extremely happy! Don't worry, I won't blow it all away, but I feel like I've earned the opportunity to purchase a few things for myself. Not that you're particularly interested in seeing what I've "wasted" my money on, but I thought I'd share some of the purchases that have brightened my mood these days!!

First of all, my dear future sister-in-law has been busy planning her bachelorette party, and she's decided on a color-themed party. The color scheme is pink/hot pink/red/rose/light pink, which fortunately leaves a lot of options! Last week, I ordered 2 potential BParty dresses from Forever21. The first dress is interestingly not one that I'd picture myself liking, both in color and in style. However, I saw it and instantly had that moment of, "Shit, this dress is going to haunt my dreams until I purchase it." Surprisingly, when I sent the future sis a long list of dress links to sort through, she picked that dress as her favorite too, even without me saying anything. That MUST be a good sign, right?! The second dress is just simple and girly. When you click the link, remember that I obviously got the red one. I just received the dresses today and am pretty excited about both of them. When I go back home next weekend, you best believe I will be seeking the opinion of any and all people who are willing to watch me prance around in dresses all day long. :)

1. ALDO shoes. This purchase was also inspired by my future sis (I'm sensing a pattern here). Which color, are you wondering? Both. Yeah, that's right. LOVE them!

2. Brewers t-shirt. I'm very happy about this shirt, and it makes me really excited to go to my first EVER Brewers game this season! I don't have tickets or anything yet, but I figure since I live in Milwaukee now, there's no way I can't go to a game this year.

3. Here are two recent purchases from the store Anthropologie. I try to avoid that store like the plague because it's amazing, but amazingly expensive. A few weeks ago, I bought this dress. Feeling guilty, I went to return it today. I was then informed that the dress was on sale for half the price, so of course, I had to keep it. (Shoot, sometimes this link works and sometimes it doesn't, sorry!) The other item I got while there today was this shirt. In case you were worried, I will have you know that both of these items are WAY cuter in person. Just wait until you get to see me in them!

Now, go buy something for yourself. It'll make you happy. :)


rlzimmerman said...

Love it all!!! Those dresses are sooo cute!!!

casey said...

Yep. I needs to do some shopping. NOW!!! Love the heels, love the dresses, LOVE Anthropology!:) Glad I could help in any way;)

Renee said...

Thanks ladies! And special thanks to you, Casey, for the inspiration! In a few months when I'm scraping for money again, I'll blame you. Kidding. :)