Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Heart Dresses!

Now is the time of year when I always get the itch to buy dresses upon dresses in preparation for the nice weather. Over the past couple weeks, I've scratched that itch by purchasing multiple dresses (mostly from Forever 21, one from Anthropologie, and one from Victoria's Secret). Rest assured, I don't normally stand around and take countless pictures of myself, but I thought I would share these dresses with you to see what you think. In particular, the second group of dresses include some "potentials" for the future sis's bachelorette party this summer (the color scheme involves various shades of pinks and reds), so your input is always welcomed. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger. Sorry the quality isn't awesome, I took them on my phone. And don't be afraid to say you don't like any of them. I won't cry. ;) Enjoy!
Random dresses that I thought were cute!

Potential bachelorette party dresses!


Courtney said...

Really like the dress with the pockets... wish the sleeves were different though... ALL very cute! SPRING PLEASE COME!!! (I'm begging...)

Jessie said...

Love all the dress Renee and they look great on you. PS My favs are in the top pic the third one in, and in the bottom pic the second one in. Super cute!

casey said...

I'm no help w/ the BParty ones cause I love them all but probably have to agree w/ Gerd:) Yay for kinda Spring-like weather...almost;)

Anonymous said...

Renee they are all super cute. I love the green one the most, but I also love the one with the pockets as well.
No matter which one you choose you will look adoreable


Renee said...

Thanks everyone!! I've solicited the opinion of multiple people, and everyone seems to pretty much agree on the same dresses! I'm worried the long-sleeved one will be too hot for the BParty in the summer, but the material's light, so hopefully it'll work. Now, to try and hold off on wearing it until then! ;)