Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HBD, Casey Mae! :)

Today marks the birthday of my wonderful future sister-in-law, and since I can't be there in person, I thought I would celebrate with her in spirit by making a post dedicated to her! :) I have added a collection of photos of me and Casey over the past few years for your viewing pleasure (oldest photos first). Some are nice, some are crazy. Very representative of our sisterly relationship! ;) So glad to have you in my life, Casey! Happy, happy birthday!!

Out for Megan's b-day (holy old picture!)

Our attempt at a "jump" shot in Central Park. Clearly it worked. ;) P.S. My hair rocks!

Celebrating Smith. Bros. 25th anniversary at Royal Tokyo!

Thanksgiving 2009!

Ha ha ha! Out and about in La Crosse. Casey was really happy. ;)

Celebrating my 25th birthday at Royal Tokyo!

Lovely pic of us at Charlie's in Milwaukee!

I ended with a nice one of us at Las Palmas in Milwaukee! :)


Jessie said...

Laughed pretty hard at the 2nd picture it looks like Casey is squatting to take a poo. And I love the third pic of you guys, Face your hair looks amazing in that picture!!! Love it! Love all the pictures Renee :)

Renee said...

Thanks Gerd! Yeah, that 2nd picture is hilarious. We took like 10 different pictures during that sequence, you'd probably laugh at ALL of them. NONE of them worked! ;)

rlzimmerman said...

Love your pics Renee! That one looks like she is starting to say the F' bomb!lol

casey said...

AHHHH! That first one looks like I just ate a small hippo! Wowza!!! Preview of what I'll look like preggers?!;)
Thanks about the hair Gerd!
LOVED the jumping. NOT like in the movies. It doesn't work for normal people!!!
And my fav is the Fbomb pictues! Good times. Good times:)
Thanks Nae!! This is a great post:)

Renee said...

Thanks Laurie! And Case, you're too funny! :) I thought all of the pictures were worthy of attention. Good stuff.