Friday, September 3, 2010


After having multiple discussions with people about my recent blog post entitled "17 Again?", it has been decided that maybe I don't look quite as different as I thought I did 7 years ago. Like I said in that entry, maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, but I really don't think I look the same. Or maybe I just don't want to admit it. I don't know why I care...most people would be thrilled to look almost identical (with the exception of a few little changes) that many years later, but I'm not sure I am. Maybe when I'm 40, I'll appreciate it. I think I'm probably just sick of it because I've heard it all my life. "No way are you that old." "You're so tiny." "Are you ever going to grow up?" "I hate you for staying so little and not having to exercise." "I bet you could fit into your 7-year-old nieces clothes." "Nae Nae, I'm almost as tall as you." [From the nieces and nephews]. "We'll need to see a second form of i.d." "Are you legally a midget?" "Your head makes the perfect armrest." "You must be kidding." [When I tell people my real age or that I am old enough to have gone through 6 years of college]. I mean, seriously people, I have heard it ALL. And notice how many of those comments are associated with my size. Just because I'm little doesn't mean I'm young. Come on now! Okay, that's probably enough of a rant. I guess I just have to start accepting the fact that I still look like an awkward teenager.

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