Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm back! Sorry for the delay. The past week has been crazy, and I've been a little cranky, so the blog wasn't exactly on the forefront. Anyway, I had my phone interview with the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design today! As I mentioned in the previous entry, today marked exactly 2 months since my last interview. I'm not sure how to say this one went. I was really nervous in the beginning, but I definitely warmed up as the conversation continued. Honestly, it didn't even feel like a "real" interview. He explained some things about the position (i.e. the salary, what the position would entail, etc.), and then just asked me a few basic questions like:

1. Why are you interested in Higher Education?
2. Why are you interested in Career Services?
3. Are you comfortable working with such a targeted student population?
4. Are you willing to perform a variety of administrative functions?
5. How soon could you start working here?

Given some of the past phone interviews I've had, this one seemed way too general to be for real! I guess I won't complain though! He said they would be contacting finalists for on-campus interviews early next week, so it sounds like the process will continue to move along quickly. After my interview today, I also applied for an academic advising position at UW-Madison. This one wouldn't start until mid-December, and honestly I'd almost prefer that. My biggest fear out of all this stuff is that I'll get an offer from one school while I'm only in the middle of the proccess for another job. There's no way I can turn down one job for the chance that I'll get another one, you know? Ugh, this whole process is hard. I just want to be interviewed for a job that I really want and actually get it. Novel idea, huh?! I'm not going stress about the whole "I have an offer before I'm ready to say yes" idea though, because it hasn't even happened yet. Whatever goes down, I'm just happy that I've had some solid interview experiences and that I have such a good support system behind me. I'll keep you posted as the process continues!

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