Sunday, September 12, 2010


Last weekend for Labor Day, I went golfing with my parents and some of their friends. Keep in mind, I've only gone golfing once in my life, and that was in high school. The only reason I was convinced is because we played best ball, which is much more appealing to the sucky golfer than regular golf. If you're unfamiliar, here's the jist: You split into teams, and each person hits their ball. After everyone goes, each team has their next hit from wherever the best person on the team's ball landed. Since we had an odd number of people, we just split into two teams. Me, Al, and Tina were on a team, and my mom, dad, Bill, and Nancy were on the other team. My team won by one stroke. Yeah, we're awesome. :) I took several pictures that day, but have been instructed that I can only post certain ones. One thing I didn't catch on camera was Nancy flinging my mom out of the golf cart, but it's fine. They can tell you alllll about it.

Partners (The Winners)

Partners (The Losers)

Excitement over my first good shot! :)

Golf in action. :)

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