Thursday, September 23, 2010

Enough is Enough!

Okay, rain. Seriously. Go away. I feel like summer didn't exist this year because of all the rain, and now we're sitting here listening to all the flood warnings because we're going on 5+ inches. Bla. I do have to say, though, it does bring back my old childhood thought process. When I was a kid, I used to envision what we would do if it ever flooded here. It was quite simple. I thought we would sit on the livingroom floor and play Monopoly. That's it. Back then, I thought houses were invincible, so I pictured water going up passed our windows while we were engaged in an intense round of passing "Go" and buying hotels. Now that I've entered reality, I realize it's not quite that simple! The funny thing is, I don't even like Monopoly. It seriously never ends. Perhaps I envisioned that particular game knowing it'd be awhile before we could do anything else. Anyway, no board games today, but there is certainly enough rain for a flood (see the pictures below). It's quite annoying, actually. For instance, right now there's a road closed sign sitting directly in front of our driveway because the road we live on is flooded. Looks like I won't be going too far. It's not like I really have anything to do, but knowing that I'm "stuck" makes me feel very restless. And not gonna lie, I have a big fear that it's going to interfere with my plans to get to La Crosse tomorrow. Since there's virtually no good way to get to there from here, I have to take a lot of back roads. And since I have to go South into one of the most flooded counties (Wood) to get there, I'm fairly certain the drive will either be extremely unpleasant or entirely nonexistent. If I can't get to La Crosse for Oktoberfest, I will be PISSED. I live for this weekend, so rain, like I said. Go away. You will NOT ruin my weekend.

Part of our backyard.

More backyard. It's flooded across the road too!

The crick is overflowing!

The neighbor's yard.

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