Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Official Every Day

Each day I'm in the office, I end up with one or two more things that make me a little more "official," and I love it! The other day? My own official name tag. Yesterday? My own official business cards. And today? My name has officially been added to MIAD's Career Services website as the new Career Services Coordinator. Perhaps the average person wouldn't find these things to be that exciting, but I tend to appreciate the very small details that remind me that I'm finally in the field I want to be in! I'm still transitioning from the "I feel like a student" mindset to the "Holy crap, I'm a professional" mindset, so each little reminder I get makes it that much easier to remember that my hard work has paid off! :)

On a different note, here are a few things I'm thankful for today:
1) I only work until noon and have off until Monday!
2) The cable company is finallllly coming to get me set up today.
3) I get to go home.
6) I get to see the whole fam VERY soon!
4) I'm celebrating a friend's birthday with some of my ladies tonight!
5) Tomorrow's Thanksgiving!
6) I get to watch football all day tomorrow!
7) This one's completely unrelated, but after talking with HR about benefits yesterday, I found out that I get December 24-January 3 off from work. Everyone here does. So, I essentially get a vacation without having to take a vacation. Happy birthday to me!!!!
8) I'm alive. I think I'll always include this one. :)


rlzimmerman said...

Wow, I'm pretty sure you have landed the perfect job!!!! So glad to hear that everything is going so great, congrats again!

Renee said...

Thanks Laurie! I know, I'm almost waiting for something really bad to happen at work because it all seems too good to be true! I'll take it, though. 'Gol darn it, I've earned it! ;)