Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yep, it's official. Searching for an apartment in a big city that I'm completely unfamiliar with is NOT fun. Holy cow, it's impossible to even know where to begin! I've spent the majority of this week searching online for places that match my criteria for location and affordability. Unfortunately for me, most of the apartments in a good location cost too much and vice versa. I either have to pay a butt load of money or I have to live a fair distance from my work. Thank God my boss is so helpful--here's what he did for me yesterday. He called me, and we both pulled up the same map of Milwaukee. We literally scrolled all over the map and he pointed out areas of town that are really good, pretty decent, and completely off-limits. Just having street names to identify with and knowing some landmarks that signify changes in neighborhoods made searching for apartments WAY easier. I've never really used Craigslist before (perhaps it's my subconscious freaking me out because of that psycho who killed a girl that responded to his post), but let me tell ya, in terms of the apartment search, it was like God's gift to me! I found several apartments through the site, and now I have a solid number of places to view when I go down to Milwaukee on Tuesday. Clink the links below to see a couple of the places I'll be viewing. The first one's my favorite for some reason! Here's hoping I get a good apartment! As nervous as I am, I am also super excited to find a place to live. The rest seems easy after that (although I don't know if my dad would agree, haha)! Just think, in two weeks from today, I will just be getting "home" from my first day of work. Holy crap!!!
I'm still waiting to hear back from some other places, but at least I have a solid start. Jake is coming down with me, so it'll be nice to have him along (both for company and a second opinion). My boss is going to drive us around town, so that should be interesting! I asked him if it was okay that Jake came along, and he ensured me that it was fine, so my guess is that it'll all go smoothly. I'm just excited now that I have some potential options. Wish me luck!


casey said...

My picks would be the FIRST one for sure. Great location and super cute. OR the 4th or 5th!!! Especially for the area on the 5th!!! exciting!!!:)

Courtney said...

Completely agree with Casey! Something about those older looking ones that I LOVE! Can't wait to come visit ;)

Renee said...

I'm with you guys! There's something very appealing about the older feel. Maybe that's why I loved my apartment so much last year! Here's hoping I get a good one! And I can't wait for you to visit either!! :)