Saturday, June 11, 2011


The only thing that makes me happier than hearing "Baby" by Justin Bieber (and let's be real, that song makes me REALLY happy), is hearing the word "baby" in reference to those I love who are about to bring a little one into the world. Such a wonderful thing! Last weekend, I went back home to help celebrate the upcoming birth of my cousin Jenna's baby. Because she and her sisters all live out on the East Coast, I'm lucky if I get to see them once a year (at Christmas time), so I was thrillllllled to find out I'd get to see them again much sooner! The day was perfect for the shower, which seriously looked like it could have been pulled straight from a magazine cover (see below). I suppose that's what happens when your closest friends from Art & Design school just so happen to also be the ones decorating for you. :) I think it's safe to say that we all had a WONDERFUL time. See some photos below for a glimpse into the day!

The "cake." (No, it was not real.)

Awesome outdoor decorations!

Delicious food!

Each butterfly on the glasses contained a guest's name, in Jenna's caligraphy, of course! :)

Awesome antique baby carriage holding gifts for the baby!

Me and Casey Mae! :)

Me and Drew Elise! :)

Opening gifts for Baby Yasgur!

The aunts with Jenna and the baby-to-be!

Sisters! :)

Cousins! :)

Me and mama celebrating our amazing bean bag toss win! :)

Me and the mama-to-be! :)

Me and Sarah!

Colleen, the popsicle model! :)

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