Monday, May 16, 2011

Three Years.

16 days since my last blog entry. Wow. I don't even have an excuse worthy enough to justify that! Well, work and life have been pretty crazy, so I guess that counts for something. Anyway, I started this entry on May 3, and I never got back to it. It would've had much more significance that day, but I still wanted to share it. You might wonder why any entry would matter on a specific day, and here's why.

May 3, 2011, marked three years since I got in my car accident. Sometimes, it feels like the accident just happened yesterday. Other times, it feels like it really was three years ago. Regardless, every time I think back to that night, I experience quite the flood of emotions, primarily fear and happiness. Those two emotions don't typically go hand in hand, but it makes sense to me. I feel fear every time I think about what COULD have happened. The pictures below should help explain why. And on the flip side, I feel happiness because of what DIDN'T happen, and because I somehow managed to crawl out of that car with a mere two bruises on my shins. No scratches. No blood. Nothing. How can one not feel happy and lucky to be alive after something like that?! Any time I need a reminder not to take things for granted, I glance at these photos and thank God for the life I have! :)

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