Monday, August 5, 2013

Long Wedding Weekend!

A few weekends ago, a couple of my friends got married in the Milwaukee area. They are friends from La Crosse, so L and many of the people we are friends with were all slated to go to this wedding. It was nice for a few reasons: 1) Our friends were getting married; 2) A bunch of us who don't get to see each other that often were able to get together; and 3) I didn't have to travel out of town for it! :) L's sister T was the Maid of Honor for the wedding, and it was a Friday wedding, so the two of them came down from Madison on Wednesday night already. I took Thursday and Friday off with them being in town, so we were able to all have a nice, long weekend together! On Thursday, we went to lunch at St. Paul's Fish Company in the Milwaukee Public Market, and that evening, L and I got fancied up and went to Bryant's Cocktail Lounge. (Cool place!) Friday was the wedding, and Saturday we spent a good chunk of time at Barnacle Buds, one of L's favorite places in MKE, and then went with the crew to the Brewer game at the spur of the moment! A bunch of people from the wedding had committed to going to the game, but L and I originally opted out because we just wanted to spend the day relaxing and doing what we wanted. However, in spending time with a bunch of them at Barnacle Buds, we were just having a really good time, so we decided to go along, at the very least just to tailgate. A few of the people who had committed to the game weren't able to go, so there were extra tickets for us to go in as well. Worked out perfectly! Then on Sunday, one of our friend's parents live in Germantown and they have a pool, so a bunch of us went there to hang out for the afternoon. It was a total blast, minus the awkward tan lines I got that day. ;) Before you know it, the weekend was over, and it was back to reality. How sad! All I know is it was an amazing weekend, and I wish it didn't end. Fortunately, many of us will be reunited in MN in a couple of weeks for another friend's wedding, so I'm pretty pumped for that. Should be a great time!!! Stay tuned for pics from that. :)

L and T enjoying oysters at St. Paul's Fish Company!
L's lobster lunch!
My fish tacos! Yum!
Dressed up to go to Bryant's Cocktail Lounge. (The pearls I'm wearing are pearls that L got me in Hawaii!)
 Wedding day!
The bride and groom!:)
With some of the ladies at the wedding!
The next day at Barnacle Buds!
Barnacle's has a bloody mary bar. This is what they bring out to you so you can go make your own. How fun!
Tailgating at Miller Park!
So happy! :)
Trying a Leine's Original for the first time.
Eh, why not drink it at the same time I'm drinking a High Life?! ;)
I love this picture!! :)
Heading into the stadium!
Someone's flexible. ;)
Left Field Lounge! (This is where we spent a good portion of our day during the Brewer game over Memorial Day!)
Our seats!
Not really sure what the one shoe on, one shoe off thing was about. ;)
Happiness at the end of the night. ;)


Courtney Smith said...

looks like a great weekend. LOVE long weekends. and that photo of you and L may be one of my favorites :)

Renee said...

Agreed! Long weekends are the BEST! I assume you're referring to the same pic that I said I love? If so, I'm pretty sure it's one of my faves too! I think we look cute. ;) I also probably like it because it's one of the few we have that I didn't take myself, ha!