Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend and that you're surviving the week. Just wanted to do a fun post about the great weekend I had. As you may recall, a bunch of friends got together for a Brewer game and an extended weekend. There was lots going on all weekend long, so it went fast, but it was a great time!

L came down on Friday night, and much to our (unfortunate) surprise, I didn't have hot water. The day before, our landlord had emailed us that the hot water was out, but on Friday morning, I had a hot shower, so it was odd to have it be cold again. Come to find out, they had just done a temporary fix, so that's why I got a hot shower on Friday. He suffered through a freezing cold shower, and his sound effects were quite hilarious. We went to bed having been told that the water would get fixed in the morning. Sadly for me, it wasn't ready in time for us to go, so I just washed my hair with cold water to get ready, and we went on our way to our friend Matt's house. He hosted the event, so that's where everyone congregated. We had 3 vehicles for the Brewer game, and we all managed to get in the FRONT row for tailgating. It.was.awesome. We tailgated from noon until the game started, and then we headed into the stadium. Most of us didn't even go to our seats (which was kind of to be expected based on how the event went last year), and we hung out in a bar in the stadium for quite some time. I must admit, the end of that and the post-game tailgate is a bit of a blur for me... ;) After the game, we went back to Matt's place and everyone hung out there. Sadly, I think we were in bed by 10:00, ha!

On Sunday, we got up and went for brunch, and then we found like the one and only bar in downtown Waukesha that happened to be open and went there for a good chunk of the day. It actually ended up being a really cool place and we had a great time. After that, a couple of the people in our group had us over to their house. They live on a lake, and it was really pretty. Unfortunately, it was a bit cold out, so our original plan to go full-on boating didn't happen. We did, however, go out on a pontoon, which was fun. After boating, L and I decided to go back to my place that night. We didn't get home until like 11:00pm, so that sucked, and what sucked even more is that we found out my apartment was STILL out of hot water. Seriously?! If you know L, you know that he absolutely loves his night showers, so he was not a happy camper. We went to bed not long after we got home and just hung out for a bit on Monday before he went back. My whole Monday felt a bit 'off' because of the water situation, and I was sad to have L leave. Fortunately for me, I get to see him tomorrow night already because I head to Madison so we can leave for Florida on Friday. Can't wait!!!!!! (The water was finally fixed yesterday around noon. Since it was six days without water, I requested a credit in rent, but my landlord ignored me, go figure.) Oh well. Anyway, all in all, a great weekend, and I've included lots of photos below for those of you who haven't seen any yet.

Before leaving my apartment to meet everyone!
 Ladies of the tailgate! We were there so early that we parked in line and waited for them to let people into the lot. This resulted in front row parking for all three of our vehicles. Who the heck knew you could drink in line before they even let you into the lot?! I sure didn't.
Just a small portion of our delicious spread!
The boys were excited about Smith Bros. brats and hotdogs. :)
Leave it to my camera lighting to be a bit funny. I like this pic though! (Me, Erin, & T)
L's friends from his high school days. Great guys!
The whole crew before the game!
Inside the bar we stayed at most of the time:).
 All the beautiful ladies. I love this picture!
L and his boys (above and below).
Me and T in the bar!
A little drunk? ;)
Leaving the game. This pic is so random. I love it!
A few of the ladies!
I don't know what we're laughing at, but I love this picture. :)
Back at Matt's after the game!

The next day, we went to L's friend's daughter's first birthday party for a bit. After that is when we went to a bar and to the friend's place who live on a lake. Great times!
 L having fun blowing bubbles for Dylan to chase.
 Oh, num num. Cake!!
Goofy faces.
 Me and L at Bernie's Tap Room in Waukesha. Fun! (Disregard my sunburned face;).
View of the crew from inside the bar. Neat place!
 Feeding the fishies and waiting for the pontoon!
On the boat! :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. im glad they were excited about the Smith Bros meats. Good times. ;) Mama

Casey Smith said...

FUN Nae! I sure hope we can make this game happen in July!!!:):)

Renee said...

Thanks, mom and Casey! It was most definitely a great time. I love hanging with this crew! And Casey, I sure hope it happens because I'm really excited! I requested the day after off, but if it doesn't work, no big deal. They'll never complain if I decide to work. ;) Keep me posted!