Monday, May 21, 2012

There's No Place Like Home

As I alluded to in my last entry, I was lucky enough to spend a little bit of time in Colby last weekend. It was the annual Smith Bros. Meats open house, which is why I originally planned on going home. Just so happened to work out to meet our little man Homer too! :) Anyway, L was pretty pumped about the open house concept, so he was fortunately able to make the trip to Colby too. We both took Friday afternoon off, as well as the following Monday, so we got some time with others, and then some time to ourselves. On Friday night, we went to dinner with the 'rents and then met up with a few friends. Saturday, we were pretty busy working the open house, then we did a little relaxing after, and eventually we went to a family friend's birthday party at the VFW. We slept in on Sunday, which was glorious. Mom and dad went to La Crosse for our old neighbor Brian's college graduation, but they were careful not to wake us up since we were tired. L and I lounged around all morning, got some Chinese takeout, ate it on the deck (it was a beautiful day), took a nap, and hi-jacked my dad's scooter to go to the VFW. We spent a decent portion of the day there, just relaxing, having a few beers, and playing some pool. Monday was another sleep in day, and then we went and had breakfast at the Colby Cafe. Yum! Our last little adventure involved doing some shopping in Wausau. A little out of L's way, but it made a small dent into my drive! We went because L's been on the hunt for a couple new suits. Kohl's proved to be the place to be for that! He got what he wanted, and I got to see him in the suit, so it was fun! Unfortunately, I didn't find anything, but that's okay because I don't need to spend any money. We had a "last meal" at Buffalo Wild Wings and then parted ways. Overall, a BUSY (but good) weekend. I was so happy I took Monday off. It made it feel like a longer trip, and I didn't feel so rushed on my way back to Milwaukee. Of course having L there made it exciting too! He survived the extended trip, so perhaps he'll even come back some day. ;) See a few photos from the weekend below!

Carri, me, and Bean at Hunters!
(Nevermind how scary I look;).

Me and L hard at work at the Open House.

Getting a little lovin' from the real mama and another mama!

Would be cuter if it weren't blurry!

I was truly struggling to look good in any picture, but this is one of the "okay" ones.

The aforementioned struggle is evident in my face, but HIS face (eyes) are too funny not to share! ;)

 This one isn't so bad!

Maxin' and relaxin' at VFW.

He was REALLY excited about a picture in front of the Hawkeye cone. Right... ;)

I actually WAS excited! All my life in Colby without a picture in front of the cone. A shame!

Kinda cute! And no, we didn't intentionally match. ;)

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casey said...

Such a fun weekend for the 2 of you! YAY:)