Thursday, January 5, 2012

Feliz Navidad!

As usual, I am way behind, but I wanted to be sure to do a post about my wonderful Christmas! Unfortunately, because I'm pretty new in my job, I wasn't able to take too much time off for Christmas, but I did get to spend a few days at home, and that's always a good thing! :) It was just a few solid days of hanging out with the fam and relaxing. There are a few pictures below that illustrate the fun that was had. Every year, my immediate family, the bros' wifeys (aka: my wonderful sisters-in-law), and the kiddos spend part of Christmas Eve together pigging out on goodies and opening gifts. This year was no different. My only regret is not getting a photo of all the warm goodies that we had to eat too! Well, I also regret just not taking more pictures in general, but here's a small sample!

Some of the snacks!

Chaos in the house!

Me and T.
He was pretty excited about his new sweatshirt!

And then I put it on. Yes, I fit in my 5-year old nephew's shirt.

Nash was passed out in this spot the ENTIRE time.

Me and the bros!

And then there came Christmas day. For my birthday, my mama took me to the Packer game on Christmas!!! :) How lucky am I?! (Thank you, mama!) Since our family typically doesn't do too much that day, it worked out perfectly. We got up and went out to visit my aunt Becky and my cousins since I had to miss the normal get together we always have, and that was a really nice time. My cousins all live out on the East Coast, so our visits are usually only once a year (unless we're lucky like this year because Jen had her baby shower back home). Anyway, after we visited with them for awhile, we headed to Green Bay to get ready for the game. It was a night game, which made me quite nervous considering it's the end of Wisconsin...and that can mean COLD. However, we were ungodly lucky and the weather was very cooperative for us! I'm a wimp when it comes to the outdoors, and fortunately I had just the right amount of layers on. Overall, we had a fabulous time, especially because the Packers beat the Bears 35-21! :) Once we got up the next morning, I headed back to MKE and mama headed to Colby. I got back early and L came to visit since he'd been with his family in Madison for the holidays. As always, he and I had a lovely time, and it was great to see him for a bit considering our holidays plans were opposite and he was soon leaving for Hawaii for 10 days (he's still there). I was sad about not seeing him over my birthday, so this little visit helped make up for it! ;) Anyway, I had a great time at home with the family and with L when he visited, even though both were quite short-lived. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too! Stay tuned for a few more random posts. Peace out for now!

Me and mama!

Look who we found!
(Me, Gerdie, and mama!)

This guy's belt was as big as me!

The masses piling into the stadium!

Opening performance.

Goofing around!

What an amazing view from our seats!

G-Force! (Packers just scored.)

Check out this video of the wave. How awesome is that?!


casey said...

Okay...that wave was awesome:)

Renee said...

Right?! It just seems like EVERYONE is participating. So cool and glad I took a video!