Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's A Rare Condition...

I'm not sure how many of you get excited about American Idol, but I watch pretty much every season. Not sure what it is, but I really enjoy it. The fact that I have a DVR makes it SO much easier to watch, too, because I don't have to commit to so much time in front of the TV as it's actually on the air. Anyway, I'm not nearly as crazy about the horrible auditions as some people are. In fact, that part of the show always drives me insane. The good singers, on the other hand? L.O.V.E. It's always so exciting and entertaining to hear people with such amazing voices. I often wonder how there are still that many people in the world who can sing so well! That brings me to the point of this entry. The new seasons starts tonight, and guess what?! I know someone on the commercial previews! Say what?!?! Well... I guess I shouldn't say I know him, but I went to UW-L with him and we've interacted a few times, so it kinda counts. :) Anyway, he's in a local band called Shoeless Revolution, and while I was in college, I saw them perform on a number of occasions. An interesting style, but I always really enjoyed seeing them. I actually even have one of their CDs. Since he had such a unique Idol audition, which I happen to think is quite entertaining and good, he was in a couple commercials (see below). Judges really seem to enjoy him, so how fun would that be if he makes it a long way?! Stay tuned, because even if YOU don't watch, rest assured, I will, and I will keep you up to speed! And if you do watch, his name is Reed Grimm so you can follow along. :)

As Days Go By (Family Matters Theme Song)

If I Only Had A Brain

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Courtney said...

how cool is that!?! and I really like him! best of luck to him :)