Friday, January 6, 2012

HBD, Tayt (and Me)!

As you may or may not know, my nephew Tayt and I share the same birthday (New Year's Eve). That little darling entered the world on my 21st birthday, but late enough in the evening to not totallllly steal my thunder. ;) Anyway, I will definitely never pick a favorite niece or nephew, but I must admit, this little guy definitely has a hold of my heart. One moment I will never forget is when he was two years old and said, "Nae Nae, let's go in my room and talk..." That alone shocked me, but then I played along so we went in his room and he said, "So... What should we talk about?" as he put his chin in his hands and tapped his fingers on his cheeks. How hilarious is that from a two-year old?! Anyway, clearly it was pretty obvious from a very early age that there is something incredibly special about him. I can always count on excited hugs and thoughtful questions when I see him, and for that, I am so thankful. Love this little guy, so T, happy (late) fifth birthday to you, and happy (shhh!) 26th birthday to me!

(Photos in order from oldest to newest.)

Pay NO attention to me in this photo. Gross. ;)

After demolishing his first birthday cake. :)

Tayt's 1st birthday, my 22nd. Wow, we've changed! :)

Does it get any cuter?!

He seriously fell asleep JUST like this.

Christmas 2010

Birthday cake! (2010)

Took the picture once and he made me retake it because the first picture didn't show his Spiderman eyes clearly enough. ;)

Drew's Baptism

Happy 5th Birthday, T!

Birthday buddies!
(About to devour our delicious cake, courtesy of Court!)


Courtney said...

these are great! he looks like Drew in the 2nd photo. his 'not happening' face in the 4th photo is hilarious! classic T in the 6th...&the sleeping photo... classic Smith! Hope you share some wonderful birthdays in the years to come! :)

Renee said...

I second all of your comments! I have always loved the 'not happening' one, it remained in a frame for a LONG time at my apartment. Anyway, this little guy sure is something special, and I, too, hope we share many more awesome birthdays together! :)