Thursday, November 3, 2011


I'll admit, while the title of this entry isn't intended to talk about my mood, it is coincidentally exactly how I've been feeling this week. Can't really explain it, but it seems like everything is just adding up, and I have been in quite the funk. Normally, I'd welcome this upcoming free weekend, but for some reason, all I can think is that I wish I had something to do. Anywayyyyy. That's not the point of this entry, so I suppose I could stop my bitching. ;)

A little under two weeks ago, L was in town for a conference, and he came to town a day early so we could hang out a little longer. Before he came down, we decided we wanted to cook something fun at my apartment rather than go out to eat. Originally, we were going to do some sort of Asian dish, but once I showed him a link to the Asian market near my apartment, he was instantly ecstatic about the fact that the store had live crab. So... That became our plan. Because L is a far more experienced cook than me, I basically let him take the reigns on this meal. I swear, someday I will cook for him. Until then, I won't complain! We went to the store and picked up a bunch of goodies to make our meal, and below are some photos that show what we (he) came up with for our dinner. I'll admit, I'd never really eaten whole crab before, and while it wasn't the easiest task, he remained patient and was proud of me for not giving up too quickly. ;) I apologize in advance for the sheer number of photos, but the whole process was fun, so I thought I'd show you everything!

All the crazy (and sometimes vicious) crabs in my sink!

Prepping all the goodies! (Andouille Sausage to add to the mix.)

Onions, Green Onions, and Garlic, oh my!

See that one looking at you? Well, we named him Sid Vicious. He actually "bit" L and made him bleed, eek!

Adding veggies into the pot!

Notice how the pan keeps getting fuller with crab.

Top it with asparagus and we're in business!

Taking a break from cooking to snap a photo! ;)

After cooking for awhile. Looks awesome, doesn't it?!

All the cooked crab!

The "stew" of sorts that was left over. (SO good!)

Complete it all with some garlic buttered biscuits topped with cheese!

And now we eat! :)

FAST FORWARD................

After we ate, we decided to play around with elements of my Halloween costume (stay tuned for an upcoming post on that), and this is L trying on my crazy wig. We laughed and laughed about this. In some crazy, weird way, this actually almost works for him, ha!

And then the next day, we decided to use the rest of our leftovers to create a slightly different concoction. We'd finished all the crab, so we went to the store and got shrimp to add into the mix and then we ate it with rice. So simple and awesome!

Our second meal. SO good!
Who's jealous??? ;)


rlzimmerman said...

Wow! That looks wonderful! You need to come home and cook a dinner for all of us!!!! Yummmm!!!!

Courtney said...

that *does* look delicious... never had fresh crab here either. I bet the kids would LOVE the process!

Renee said...

It WAS wonderful! The process was certainly interesting! And Laurie, I can't take much credit for this meal, but I would love to have someone to cook for besides myself! ;) Maybe next time I'm home!