Monday, February 21, 2011

Food and Froth.

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the 13th Annual Food and Froth Fest at the Milwaukee Public Museum. Some of my guy friends from La Crosse were in town and invited me to come along with them, and I'm glad I agreed because it was a really great time! Essentially, there are just a ton of food and beer vendors set up throughout the museum, and you go to each table to receive samples of a variety of delicious food and beers. I had a meatball at one of the stands that was so good that I stillllllll can't stop thinking about it. Now, if only I had paid attention to who the vendor was. Damn. Let me just say, it's a good thing the event was only 3 hours, or I would have been in rough shape! I was already feeling pretty buzzed in the first 45 minutes, ha! The coolest part about it all is that it was right in the heart of the museum, so we just got to walk around and look at all the exhibits at the same time we were enjoying the food and beer. That was my first time at the museum, and while it was awesome, I would definitely like to go back again when there aren't thousands of people wandering through the exhibits at the same time as me. I planned to take lots of pictures, but unfortunately, I didn't get too many. Hopefully someday! Anyway, it was a nice addition to my weekend, and I'm glad I got to catch up with some friends and have an enjoyable evening. I need more events like this in my life. That's what makes me so excited for summer. I've been told that Milwaukee summers are to die for in terms of what's happening all around the city, so I can't wait! :)


Christina Ann said...

My favorite part of the museum is "The Streets of Old Milwaukee". It's the best! are absolutely right...Milwaukee summers are the BEST! There's nothing like 'em! All the festivals...Jazz in the bars...I can't wait! :)

Renee said...

I went back to the museum last week and was able to see "The Streets of Old Milwaukee." (It was closed during this event.). I agree, that was SO cool. I really enjoyed it!