Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I've said to several people since the winter season began that I've been extremely lucky in Milwaukee because of the complete lack of snow. I should have known by making that statement that I'd be jinxing myself. Yesterday marked the start of what is being referred to as a "multi-day, multi-region, potentially historic destructive winter storm." Awesome. Not. About the only plus that comes along with this storm is the fact that MIAD (my work) is closing at noon today because of the weather, and will likely be closed tomorrow too because the worst of the storm is supposed to hit tonight. I've included a description from weather.com that explains the type of conditions we'll be seeing here in Milwaukee tonight:
Heavy snow will be accompanied by high winds making for life-threatening conditions if not properly prepared. Intermittent lake effect snow [ahhh, shit, I live right by Lake Michigan] will continue today but heavy snow will develop tonight as strong low pressure approaches. 9-16 inches of NEW snow will develop with highest totals from Milwaukee south to Kenosha. Snow drifts will range between 4 and 8 feet in some locations. Visibility will be reduced considerably during the height of the snow and wind, thereby making travel impossible at times on local roadways and interstates. Northeast winds will be 25-35 MPH with wind gusts to 50 MPH tonight. Near whiteout conditions will occur, resulting in treacherous travel conditions. Potential for paralyzing blizzard.
I am ALL about having snow days. It's not something only kids wish for, trust me. I mean, you should've heard the cheers throughout our building when security made the early release announcement. However, the conditions described above do not sound pleasant by ANY stretch of the imagination, and when all is said and done, I'm still going to have to deal with it and find a way to get my car out of an 8-foot snow drift. Any takers? Definitely going to the store BEFORE the storm hits! Anyway, I just pray that the potentially 100 million people affected by this massive storm stay smart and safe. Wish me luck, and think of me wrapped up in warm fuzzy blankets, drinking hot chocolate, and watching trashy TV! :)

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