Sunday, February 2, 2014

Unncessary (but fun!) Purchases

Hey all! Hope you've been enjoying the weekend so far. I have had a really nice one, and at this point, I'm just avoiding the fact that I actually have to do some work from home before tomorrow. Ick. Anyway, on Friday night, I went to a Lia Sophia (jewelry) party. My aunt recently became an advisor, so her friend was hosting a party and I figured I might as well go for something to do. I found a couple pieces that I loved, but I found out that if I host a party, I can get those items for freakishly cheap, so that might be what I do! Get ready for some catalogs and party invites, people. ;) I left the party, and yesterday morning, I still kept thinking about this one necklace I fell in love with. It has kind of a beachy/tribal vibe, and there is something about it that I adore. Trust me when I say it looks even better in person! To cure my need for a jewelry fix, I decided to head to the mall yesterday and go to Charming Charlie's. Ever been there? If not, you don't know what you're missing! Don't judge them by their online selection, which I think is terrible. In person, they have an unbelievable amount of fantastic pieces. They have lots of amazing and sometimes over-the-top jewelry for pretty damn cheap. Their main focus is jewelry, but they also have purses, scarves, clothes, sunglasses, etc. Addicting! I came home with a bunch of pieces, and also some scarves from both there and a place called Dry Goods. I kinda have a scarf addiction at this point. Especially the infinity scarves. Mmmm. Love. All of this being said, I thought I'd show you some of the things I bought. Some of them are a little much for me, especially because I'm not a huge jewelry wearing person, but I still thought they were fun and could at the very least come in handy when L and I go to Florida again in May. (Our trip isn't booked yet, but as soon as he gets back from Arkansas, you best believe we're nailing it down. Can't wait to go again!) Hope you enjoy!
 Incredibly dorky pic of me, but this is that Lia Sophia necklace I have my eye on. :) Below are CC purchases.
 This one seems the most beachy and Florida-esque to me. I have a few shirts that would totally work with this! 
 This is the one I'm still not sure about. A LOT going on, but I think if it was paired with a simple shirt or something, it could be really pretty and eye-catching. And for $13, if I don't wear it often, big deal!
 I like this one (above) a lot. I think it's the one I'd be most likely to wear often.
 Just girly.
 Here they all are together.
Here are my awesome scarves. Love them!! I think the top two are my faves, but all still amazing.
 See how I could pair a simple tank with either that scarf or necklace?! Perfect. :)
 Took this selfie, and as you can see, the pic makes it look much more purple than blue. The picture with all the scarves in it is a much more accurate representation of the color.
Me and Aunt Gloria out and about, and of course, I had to sport one of my newly purchased items. :) 

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