Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Hearts Day!:)

As you are all painfully aware, the last month has been quite a tough and interesting one for me with L being in Arkansas and me being here. I have missed him like crazy, a little more with each passing day. You don't really realize how much of an impact a person has on your daily life until they aren't immediately there, so I certainly have come out of this even more appreciative of how lucky I am to have him. :) Anyway, lucky for me, he's finally home!!!!! He got back to town on Thursday evening (after having to stop on the side of the road and put on a spare tire since his tire blew, sad), and I almost cried when I saw him. I even said as I stared at him, "I almost forgot what you looked like!" We hugged for a VERY long time, possibly had a few kisses in there;), and immediately went into chatting like we had never stopped. I just love how 'easy' it is with him. While it felt like he was gone forever, once he got back, we just switched back into our normal routine and it was like he never left. So comforting! It was perfect timing for his return, because the next day was Valentine's day, and we haven't really been able to spend the actual day together before since we were always in different cities. I had to work that day, so it was a long, busy day of me wishing time away so I could get home and spend some real time with my babe! He picked me up from work, and much to my surprise, he was wearing a suit and had a bouquet of roses for me. I knew we were going to dress up for dinner, but I wasn't expecting him to be sporting his sexy black suit with a festive pink tie quite yet. I was grinning from ear to ear. I'm not one to obsess over flowers or things like that, but it's kind of rare for him (I don't mean that in a bad way), so it was a really sweet surprise. We got home and exchanged a few little things, and all of a sudden, he pulled a beautiful corsage out of the fridge that he had also gotten me. It was so beautiful! I don't know how he gets me so well, but he does, and I couldn't be more grateful for those 'little' things. He also got me an adorable card with a sweet handwritten message (I'll keep that to myself:), so that in addition to the dinner we went to was seriously a perfect Valentine's day. We ate at a restaurant down the street from us - it's called Oliva. It's Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, interesting mix! We always pass it and have never gone, but boy are we happy we did. It was fantastic! We had an appetizer, a great meal, and a nice bottle of wine. We were originally going to go to McDonald's afterwards for Shamrock shakes, but we were too full, so we opted out. Rest assured, I will still be getting one of those very soon! :) Anyway, we have been able to really just spend a lot of time together this weekend, which is exactly what I have been longing for. Just missed him to pieces and am so happy to have him back!! <3
 He is finally back!!
 If you can't tell, I was really happy! :)
 This is what he looked like when he picked me up from work on Valentine's Day. Um, hottie!! :)
 Enjoying a glass of wine next to my beautiful flowers!
My beautiful corsage! Felt like prom. :)
Blurry, but a glimpse at our outfits!
 Here's me wearing the crosage! There was more than one sweet couple eyeing us up at that table. I think they all couldn't help but smile and remember that they, too, were like us once. ;)
 If you look at the menu, our appetizer (the middle plate) was the Chaman. It was absolutely fantastic. We even took some home as extra because we couldn't stand the thought of wasting it!
 Our meals! I got stuffed shells and L got salmon wrapped in grape leaves. We were NOT disappointed! We are already talking about what we'll get the next time we go back. :)
 We were holding hands and chatting, and L didn't even realize I snapped this photo. I was just trying to get a pic of us holding hands while I was wearing the beautiful corsage, but it oddly looks like he's slipping a ring on my finger. Don't get too excited, folks. That didn't happen. ;)
Back home at the end of the night.
Hope you all had a GREAT Valentine's Day!! :)


Casey Smith said...

I will admit, when I saw the hand-holding photo on IG I had to look twice cause I thought for a second that was a ring shot!!!!!! But it looks like it was an amazinggggg day and so glad L is back!:)

Courtney Smith said...

You look so happy! Glad you enjoyed your night :)

Renee said...

Casey, too funny! My mom thought it was and I had to remind her that I would never post that without telling you guys first! :) It definitely was an amazing day!

Thanks Court! I am indeed very happy and I'm glad it shows! :) <3