Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas in Colby and Birthday in Madison!

I feel like I got a little spoiled with all the holiday festivities I had this year. After all the wonderful time with L's family (see here), I worked a couple days and then we got to head back to Colby for a long weekend. We started off the weekend by having a delicious dinner at Royal Tokyo (LOVE that place!), so that was a perfect welcome home. We had our family Christmas on Saturday, which was fun as always, and then we celebrated a BIG Packer win on Sunday. Loved every second of the weekend! I sadly didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked with my family at Christmas, but I was able to capture a few good ones. Guess that means I was just too busy having a good time! :)

After Colby, we came back to Madison to celebrate my birthday and to enjoy some time off work since I had this whole week off (yes!). Pretty sad that it's already Friday, but it's been a great week nonetheless. Some good friends from La Crosse came down to help celebrate with me, so we had a whole day of activities to help ring in my 28th year. We had breakfast at Sofra, a restaurant around here that we'd never been to. We'll go back for sure; it was great! After that, we stopped at Hody so I could get a bloody since I love them there, and from there, we went to Nitty Gritty, which is a place that basically markets itself as a birthday bar. I got a free glass mug from there, and I was able to drink all the free tap beer I wanted for the entire day. Not only that, but they gave a card that allows me to come back for a free birthday sundae once a month for a year. Seriously?! Loved it. We stayed there awhile, ate some good food, and then migrated to our regular mainstay of Paul's Neighborhood Bar where we remained the rest of the night. I was rather buzzed, but overall did pretty good throughout that day! We came home and had ice cream cake and rang in the new year quietly. It was a perfect day!!! Feel free to take a look at photos from Colby and from my birthday. Happy new year!
 Mom and dad at Royal Tokyo!
 So much delicious food!
 Onion volcano!:)
 Back of my birthday hat!
 No RT trip is complete without sake bombs!
 Drew taking after Aunt Nae Nae with the olive fingers. ;)
 Jake sporing his fake bacon tuxedo shirt. Ha!
 Me and L!
 Me and my cousin, Sarah!
 Pretty soon, I think he's gonna have to give up the "special hug." :)
 L and I got a Traeger tailgate grill for Christmas. SO excited!!
 Yummy meal at home! :)
 Go Pack Go!
 Celebratory drink after the Packers beat the Bears!
Group photo!:)

 Birthday mimosa!
 Amazzzzzing breakfast quesadillas!
 Enjoying my free beer for a good chunk of the day!
 A little unsure about this... ;)
 My friends:).
 Me and Kayleigh!
 Happy New Year!:)
Can't go wrong with an ice cream cake from DQ! And L surprised me with cute little Wizard of Oz figures. What a guy, I tell ya! :)

Big birthday shout out to my nephew Tayt who shares my birthday! Happy 7th, little guy!:)

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