Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Love Good Days!

Hey there! So, today has been a pretty great day. I was worried it would suck because I had to work at New Student Orientation this morning (I don't normally work on weekends), but fortunately, I kept a positive attitude and kept my energy level up. I got up at about 7:00am to get ready (which, mind you, is earlier than I get up for a normal workday), went to work, and got home around 11:00am. Sat around for a bit, but before I got too comfy, I 'forced' myself to do today's workout, which was 35 minutes of exercises for the thighs and butt. Out of all the videos I've been doing, this one has proven to be the hardest by far. My heartrate goes through the roof and my legs feel like they're going to fall off, but I'm proud to say that today (my second time doing it) went better than the first time! I hope that trend continues. :) It made me happy to get it out of the way because now tomorrow is a rest day for me. I've earned it!

After working out, eating, and showering (see random photos below of my hair choices for the day, ha), I got myself ready and headed to Target. GASP! In my defense, I did need a few things, but I legitimately cannot stay away. And now I need to share with you yet another reason that makes this place so appealing. Have any of you heard of their new thing called Cartwheel? I'd heard a little bit about it via Target's Facebook page, but quite honestly, I was pretty confused by it. I finally saw a video about it, which I think you can view when you go to the link I provided, and it made a lot more sense. You have to have a Facebook account, and you have to download the Cartwheel app for your phone, which is fine because it's free. I'm not huge on linking things to Facebook, but I'm pretty okay with this app. Anyway, I don't know if this is how they would describe it, but to me, it is basically like an online coupon book. Through the app (and I think through the site I linked), you can browse through all the coupons or search by collections, and once you find discounts you like, you just add them to your 'cartwheel.' You can add a decent amount of coupons to your cart, which is cool. What's even cooler, the app creates a bar code based on the coupons you selected, so when you go to the store and buy any or all of the things that have coupons for them, you just pull up the app and they'll scan the bar code. Bam! All your savings are there. Are you kidding me?! Awesome. I just downloaded the app today and tried it when I went to the store, and it worked seamlessly. Not to mention, I also recently got the Target debit card, which gives you 5% off every time you shop at Target. I chose the debit card at Target because I wanted to be held accountable. Credit cards are dangerous in that they allow you to spend money you don't have, and Lord knows we all have a problem controlling ourselves at Target. ;) With the debit card being linked directly to my checking account, I know I have to be responsible. I also picked it because I think the debit card has less of a ding on your credit score than opening another credit card. Anyway, between the Cartwheel savings, my 5% off, and the $0.20 I saved for bringing in four of my own bags, I saved like $16 today. Crazy! One last thing, you can use the coupons more than once before they expires. For most of the coupons I picked, I probably wouldn't have a need to use them more than once (except maybe for groceries), but it's still cool that you can use them multiple times, even in one day, and still get your 5% off from the Target card. I think this program was designed with the sole purpose of bankrupting me. No joke. At the same time, half the stuff I buy there, I'd buy regardless, so it's good to get a discount. I just fear that I'll start buying stuff I don't need just because there's an available coupon, ha! Someone keep me in check. ;) In case you're curious, here are the things I got discounts on today through Cartwheel:

  • 5% off Women's Fashion Tanks (I got another microrib tank... I'm addicted!)
  • 10% off Coleman Airbeds (I've been saying for months, heck, years, that I need to get an air mattress, and it's become even more apparent that I need one since moving to my one-bedroom apartment. Anyway, I snagged a pretty good deal on this queen one because it was already on sale for $45, and then I got the 10% off from Cartwheel. Finally caved!
  • 5% off "up & up" brand disinfecting wipes
  • 5% off avocados

Pretty cool, huh?! I'm still thinking about getting a yoga mat (10% off in Cartwheel), but fortunately, I have until 7/6 to decide if that's a necessary purchase or not. ;) I did resist the urge to use coupons on things like Post-Its, tissue paper, and Sharpie pens, all which I'm obsessed with, so I guess I DO have some self-control after all. Ha! Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you since I was so excited. By no means have I been encouraged by anyone to promote Target or its services... But hey Target, if you're reading this and want to pay me for speaking on your behalf, I'm totally in! ;)

After Target, I stopped at the grocery store and got a few things I had coupons for (man, when did I become a crazy coupon lady?!;), and then I came home and unpacked everything. I decided to make guacomole too, and that was a perfect idea because I'm munching on it now. Here's the point where I decide if dinner is even necessary anymore. ;) I'll do a post with my guac recipe after this one! I am kinda disappointed that it's already after 7:00pm, but I've had a pretty productive day, so I feel good. Helps that I also have tomorrow to do whatever the heck I want. Yes! (In case you're wondering, L is in the Dells for a bachelor party, so me having to work and him being busy happened to work out quite well from a timing standpoint.) Anyway, below are a few pics regarding the hair today, and I hope you are all having a great weekend!

I saw this post on Pinterest last night (can you see it?) about a girl with really pretty wavy/curly hair, and it made me feel like I wanted to try that with my hair. My hair is kind of weird. For the most part, it's straight, but if I let it dry on its own, it typically does some pretty crazy things. Some parts are wavy, some parts are straight, it's just unpredictable. So, on a whim, I decided to throw my damp hair up in a high bun after my shower and just let it be for an hour or two. I took it down and left it for a bit, and the above pictures were the end result. Now, I must say, it looks pretty good here, but it's a bit misleading. Not long after this, some parts of my hair started straightening out (I think my thick hair might just be too heavy), and it also got a bit frizzy from air drying and the humidity. I should have used my anti-frizz stuff but forgot. I mostly just used mouse and hairspray, so maybe I'll consider trying the product she reviewed in the Pinterest post. However, I think it's for people with curlier hair than me, so it may not be worth it. Regardless, just was fun to try it, even if I didn't keep it like that for long. The one plus of having that product in my hair was that it made for a more voluminous ponytail once I put it up! My hair's too short to do a high pony on it's own, so with the help of some bobby pins, I'm typically able to get the look I like. Judge for yourself! :)


Casey Smith said...

I love all this Nae! And random cause I just got done doing a little Target post'll be up in a few days if not before:) Great tips and I downloaded that APP:):)

Renee said...

Thanks Casey! Loved your Target post too! They have some GOOD products there. Man, if I was moving or had a house, I'd be in big trouble! Hope you're able to take advantage of Cartwheel and the debit card too! :)