Sunday, May 19, 2013

Target Truth

Two blog posts in 12 hours?! Somebody mark the calendar! ;) But for real... Let me tell ya about my trip to Target yesterday… Before going, I saw Target’s status update on Facebook, which coincidentally asked the question, “Target Truth #74: Quick decision time: Cart or basket?” In my mind, I had this little debate, because I usually always start with a basket and quickly realize that I should have grabbed a cart to begin with, but not this time, my friends. Cart it was! Funny story, though. I’ve been on this kick of bringing in my own bags to stores, probably just because I love this one and this one that I got from World Market and feel cool carrying them around, ha! They’re awesome. Anyway, because I ‘just needed a few things,’ I decided to only take in one bag. Big mistake. I left with much more than I intended to, as alwayyyyys, and I could have saved myself another five cents had I just brought the second bag in like I thought I should in the first place. ;) So folks, if you don’t know it, Target gives you 5 cents off per reusable bag you bring in, just an FYI. Or at least they do at my Target (and my grocery store). Why not help save the environment and save a few pennies at the same time?!

The rest of my Target story goes a little something like this… Mission: plain white tank top. Not a cami, and not a ‘wife beater’ (for lack of a better word), but something in between. I wanted a white tank top for two reasons; one, to go under my new Brewers shirt I got for our Brewers weekend (see photo below), and two, to have for Florida because I have a pair of shorts that I want to wear with a white tank. I haven’t had much luck lately finding good white shirts, but fortunately, I found exactly what I was looking for today! I may or may not be slightly obsessed with Target’s microrib tanks. No joke, I probably have a total of like 10, three of which managed to find their way into my cart today. Oops! But come on, only $7?! And they’re so comfy! So, with the two extra tank tops beyond the white tank, I was already past my mission, but sadly, that didn’t stop me.

Next came a dress. Not like I necessarily needed it because I just bought three dresses there a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn’t resist… Damn you, Target! I’d link ya to the dress, but I don’t think the site does it justice. It’s another maxi dress, same style as another one I got there. Oddly enough, despite it pretty much being exact same dress but in different colors, the one I got today has probably 2-3 less inches of fabric at the bottom, which is perfect, because then I can wear it with flip flops. The other one will require heels, so while it is probably more Florida-esque than the black and white one I got today, it may stay home from the trip so I don’t have to take special shoes along. I hate packing….. Ha.

Speaking of packing, I then made my way to the travel section of Target, where I proceeded to get like 50 different little travel items for our trip. Seriously?! I mean, it’s a little more justifiable than some of my other recent purchases, but how does a person NOT pick out one of everything in those adorable travel-sized packages?! I even bought stuff I don't even use on a regular basis (i.e., Wet Ones, hairspray, etc.). Needless to say, I should be more than prepared for Florida. ;)

Last thing I got there was a new set of sheets. Random? Yes, but I also just got new bedding today at Kohl’s. I wasn’t seeking out new bedding by any means, but after recently washing my current comforter and putting it back on my bed, I realized how worn out it is. Go figure that I’d find myself in the bedding aisles at Kohl’s, and that in that process, I’d find a comforter that contained the exact color scheme I currently have. How does this shit happen to me?! Ha. I wanted to keep the same scheme as much as possible (was originally just thinking a solid brown comforter) so I could keep all my current pillows, so this seemed like a match made in heaven! It was already on sale for like $90, and then I had a 30% of coupon, so I felt like I couldn’t pass it up. What’s even cooler is that because it was a big set, it included 3 decorative throw pillows, which we all know I love! I was going to get sheets at Kohl’s too, but damn! I guess I never realized how expensive sheets are! :-/ Even the ones I got at Target were almost $40. Yikes. Happy I got them, though!

Looooooonnnnng story short, I bought a lot of shit today. All shit that will serve a good purpose at some point, but all shit that I could probably live without at this point in my life. :-/ I always go back and forth between justifying it and feeling guilty, but for now, I’m happy, so we’ll just go with it. ;) It helps that some of my faithful readers experience this same sort of phenomenon at Target. It’s nice to know I’m not alone! In case you care, I’ve included a few random photos related to this post. Fun!
 My beloved totes:). I have two of the front tote.
My new Brewers zip-up. LOVE it! (Underneath is that lovely microrib tank I mentioned above;)
 Split-screen view of my old (top) and new (bottom) bedding. So similar!
Full view of the new bedding.


rlzimmerman said...

Gotta love Target! I'm not as bad as some people ,who will remain un-named here,you know who you are(CASEY) but it's impossible to go in for just a couple of things! Too much good stuff happening in there!Love all your stuff!

Courtney Smith said...

those tanks... I may or may not have a lot of the colors of those as well ;) you wait til you have kids. you think Target is your nemesis now... don't go to the kiddos section. EEK!

Renee said...

Laurie, I agree that it's so hard to go in for just one thing. I'm the worst! I'm thinking about getting their debit card, which allows for free shipping online, and that way, I'll keep myself in check. I doubt that'll work! ;) And Court, the few times I've checked out the kids section (namely for clothes for your kiddos), I could just die. Everything is so cute! Bad news, ha!

Casey Smith said...

You knowwwww how I feel about I support this fully!!! ALSO....I was thinking of getting the Target Debit Card also (the one linked to your checking...I despise 'credit' cards:) But I think Jenna was on to something...that way I can order diapers from home and stay far, farrrr away from the store;)

Renee said...

Thank you for supporting my addiction! ;) I love that they have the debit option. I didn't really want to open another credit card, especially because I know how easily I could rack up a bill at Target, and also because it can impact your credit score to open another. I think your score might take a teeny dip still with the debit, but not as bad. Anyway, don't mind me babbling. Let's both get it so we can share stories about saving money and getting all our necessary stuff online! ;)