Saturday, December 10, 2011

HBD, Drew Elise!

In my rush to provide you with some updates in my "Two Weeks In" post earlier today, I almost forgot to create a post celebrating the FIRST birthday of my beautiful niece, Drew! No, I didn't forget that it is her birthday, I just almost forgot the post. Anyway, it's honestly scary to me how quickly this year has gone. I remember being stranded in La Crosse due to blizzard-like conditions when she was born, so she was the first of the six Smith kiddos that I didn't get to meet in the hospital. I was pretty bummed about that. :( Sadly, I think I have seen Drew much less than I saw the other kids at that age, primarily because my finances, coupled with the distance from Milwaukee to Colby, have prevented me from getting home nearly as much as I'd like to get there. Regardless, I'm so happy this little peanut is part of this world, and I can't wait to get home and see her (and all the family) again for Christmas! Happy birthday, Drew! :)

The first time I met her!

Tongue hanging out! :)
(Photo courtesy of Courtney - aka: Drew's mama)

Just chillin'.
(Photo courtesy of Courtney - aka: Drew's mama)

Spending time together at Jenna's baby shower.

Thanksgiving '11
(Check out how high her pants are;)

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Courtney said...

she is pretty freaking adorable... even with her pants to her teats ;)