Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Adventure!

In keeping with the theme of my last entry, I thought I'd include another Milwaukee-related post to highlight some of my adventures! (I apologize in advance for the excessive number of links, but I want you to be able to learn about these cool places!) Anyway, two weeks ago, a couple of my girlfriends from grad school came down to visit, and we had a lovely time! It had been almost a year since the last time we'd all been together, so it was long overdue. We didn't get too crazy in terms of making plans ahead of time, but we did a few fun things. First of all, we went to Trocadero for brunch that Saturday. I'd never been there, but as soon as I arrived, I realized it was owned by the same people who run a few other places I've been to recently (Cafe Centraal, Cafe Benelux, and Cafe Hollander). Shit, I guess I've been doing more exploring than I thought! ;) On a tangent, if you can, you should go to any or all of these places. They are awesome! Cafe Centraal is pretty close to my apartment, so I've been there the most. Anyway, after lunch, we did the Lakefront Brewery Tour. I've been told by multiple people that this is the best brewery tour in the city. Interestingly, it's the first tour I've EVER been on, so I'm almost a little sad that my first one was the "best" one, because how do you live up to that?! Anyway, that was a blast, and we decided to take a little breather and come back to my place. For dinner, we went to Graffito (Ryan Braun's restaurant). It was pretty cool, but we waited over an hour to be seated. Bla. The last stop of the night was one that would make my dad proud: Scotty's Bar and Pizza. This place is just across the street from my apartment, and it's so old school, it doesn't even have a website. ;) It attracts a VERY interesting crowd to say the least, usually people who could easily qualify as my grandparents. This particular evening, we encountered some "younger" gentleman (meaning, maybe, early 30's) who felt the need to buy all our $1 Schlitz beers. Yes, we're that classy. No complaints on my end! Anyway, since the girls only stayed over one night, it went too fast as usual. We ended our visit with a flat tire on my car (awesome, NOT), and breakfast at Cafe LuLu. LOVE this place. Overall, a very fun weekend. The only downfall was how much it broke the bank for me. I. Cannot. Spend. Money. Ever. Again. ;) Enjoy a few photos from our adventures!

Me, D, and C at the Brewery tour!

Me and C at Scotty's!

Me and D at Scotty's!

Drinking a Schlitz next to a Schlitz sign. Classy.

Soakin' up the atmosphere at Scotty's!


rlzimmerman said...

Love the post can't wait to come down there this next weekend, it's really going to be fun and we need some fun time! AND I love your top in the second and following pics! See ya soon!

Renee said...

Thanks Laurie! I'm SO excited for all of you to come down next week!! It's a great city, and it will nice for you all to get away. Should be a blast! And I love that shirt too! I got it at Francesca's. Casey would be proud. ;)