Sunday, August 7, 2011

Free Weekend...Psych!

My goodness. It's almost getting scary how much I've been blogging these days! Guess that's what happens when I take a little time for myself once in awhile... ;) Anyway, onto the point of this entry. Most of you who know me know that the past few months of my life have been insanely busy. Almost too busy. Let me just say, I am NOT content with how quickly the summer is passing me by. The weeks have been pretty standard in terms of work and everything, but my weekends for the past 3-4 months have literally been booked solid. For at least two months, I've SO been looking forward to the last weekend in July (last weekend), because somehow, just somehow, I managed to keep that particular weekend free. Interestingly, as the weekend approached, it started to become less and less free. No complaints, because I had a blast, but kinda funny how a "planless" weekend can change so quickly. Anyway, I ended up still having Friday night and Saturday morning to myself, but L came to visit that afternoon, and once he left on Sunday, I went straight to Miller Park for the Brewer game with a bunch of my family and people from Colby that I know. It was a HOT day to be at the ballpark, but thank the good Lord our seats were in the shade! Below are some pictures from that weekend. Yet another Milwaukee adventure! :)

Me and L before I headed to Miller Park!

Lia, me, and Peyton at Miller Park!
(I'm squatting, by the way. I'm not THAT short;)

Stadium view from our seats (Section 202, Row 1)!

Me and mama at the game!

Me and Dave at the game!

Me and papa at the game!

The family members who were at the game (except for P)!

My DELICIOUS bloody mary!

Me and Peyton at the game!

Lia sucking on a lemon. Hilarious! :)


casey said...

LOVE the Brewer Game photos! SO jealous! And also much liking the photo of you and L. Prettttyyy:)

Renee said...

Casey, I had a sneaking suspicion you'd like that first photo... ;) I do too! Wish you could've been here for the game. Would've made the day that much better!