Monday, April 18, 2011

Full Circle

I suck at blogging lately. Let me just say, last week at work was CRAZY. I'm not sure I've ever worked that many hours in a week. They weren't bad hours or anything, just long. Anyway, that explains my severe lack of updates on my blog. And interestingly, the only reason I have time now is because I am home with the flu. Booo. Coincidentally, the entry I've been wanting to write for awhile now has to do with work, so here goes. I don't know if you remember or not, but back in November when I started my job, I wrote an entry about a student who came into my office and wanted me to essentially promise her the world. At the end of that entry, one of the things I said was, "She left feeling better about her future, but I can guarantee you that I'll see her again, and I can guarantee you that she's not done worrying. But rest assured, I still cannot guarantee her a job that she loves or her infinite happiness."

Flash forward. A big part of what I do in my job is connect with employers to see if they have any internship opportunities available for our students. Well, a particular business (a large, successful company that shall remain nameless so I don't get in trouble) had a couple different internship experiences to offer, and they came to MIAD to do on-campus interviews. If you're unfamiliar with that concept, it just means that reps from that company come to campus and do interviews right there. It allows them to do all the interviews in one day, and it gives students the chance to seek out the position without even having to leave campus. The student that I talked about above signed up to interview for both internships. Before the interviews, I received multiple emails and walk-in visits from her. She wanted to know everything from what she should wear for the interviews to what to expect if she were to work for this company. I tolddddd you she wasn't done worrying. ;) Anyway, long story short, she went through the interviews, she was called in for a second interview for one of them, and she was eventually offered the internship!! When she received the offer, the first thing she did was run (she literally RAN) into my office to tell me she got it. I wish you could have seen the sheer excitment on her face. It's moments like THAT when I feel awesome about what I do. All I did was try my best to help her through the process, and based on her reaction and excitment to tell me about it, I feel like she really appreciated all the help I offered. Talk about coming full circle. Ahh, I love my job. :)


casey said...

That's awesome Nae!

Renee said...

Thanks Casey! I thought so too! Gotta appreciate the "little" moments like that. Makes it all worth it!