Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cooking Adventures!

Most of you are painfully aware of the fact that I've never been the most exceptional cook. I frequently get lectures about this because my mom's a freakin' caterer and my whole family can cook. In many people's mind, there just simply CAN'T be a reason for me not to know how to cook. Here's my defense. Because I'm the youngest in my family, and because everyone always cooked FOR me, I never really had to learn. Yes, I know that's not the greatest defense, but it's the truth. Dinner was always on the table, and it was rare that I had a hand in it, unless it involved something simple and mind-numbing like buttering toast. ;) Anyway, since I moved to Milwaukee, I've received a lot of encouragement from some special people in my life, so I've begun dabbling in a few cooking adventures of my own. Because I'm not awesome at it yet, I've been pretty faithful to recipes that involve chicken. I love chicken, plus it seems simple enough. Below, I've posted some photos from three of these so-called adventures. They're posted in the order I cooked them (i.e., the first photo is of my first cooking attempt). Take notice of how the difficulty level and presentation skills have increased with time.

Broccoli and penne pasta serve with chicken that was baked in cream of mushroom soup.

Prepping to make Cajun Chicken pasta. One of my FAVES of all time!
Cooking all the goodies!

The finished product. It was DELICIOUS! (Note to self: Add more noodles next time!)

Cooking some of the ingredients for a new recipe called Fiesta Chicken Pasta.
The final product. SO yummy. I'll definitely be making this dish again!
Battle wound... Sadly, I burned myself this weekend by trying to wipe off the stove while someone was cooking FOR me. That's what I get for trying to be helpful! ;)

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