Friday, August 8, 2014

I'm LIVE on Etsy!

So, you've seen me posting a lot recently about making crafts and wanting to sell on Etsy and all that good stuff. Well, I'm doing it. It's official! I have been working hard over the last month or so to take pictures and create listings and do my research on how to hopefully make this work for me. (Well, I've been doing that research a lot longer than a month, but the process has been really amped up over the last month.) Anyway, I have a bunch of products made and am super pumped about the fact that I went 'live' with several things for others to see - and hopefully buy! I know it's not magic, and I'd love for it if a million people found my stuff and started buying immediately. Reality is, that's not going to happen. Not without a little help from my friends;). So, if you're curious about my shop and want to see what I've been up to, please feel free to check it out:

Here's a snapshot of some of the stuff on my home screen!

I came up with PartyHappier as my shop name because I felt like it really captured what I want my items to do. Whether it's note card sets, banners, confetti, or whatever else I come up with, I want nothing more than to brighten people's days! Nothing wrong with partying a little happier and enjoying life, right?! :) I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and please, please feel free to pass along the word to people you think might like these items! Stay tuned, because trust me when I say I have LOTS more on the way! :)

Even if I never sell a darn thing, at least I can rest easy in the fact that I have loved every minute of creating these awesome items. Feels wonderful to tap into my creative side! :) Thanks to all my friends and family for all the support! It means the world to me. PartyHappier, ya'll!