Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happiest of Birthdays!

So... I'm a little behind, but I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the birthdays of two very special people in my life: my nephews Nash and Peyton. Last Wednesday, Nash turned 4 years old (holy crap), and Peyton turned 13 on Friday (an even bigger holy crap;). I can't believe how big they're growing and what wonderful kids they are. I always look at Peyton and think to myself, "I can't believe he's still as good and as loving as he is, and I hope he stays that way forever." It's unreal to me. And if "I" am thinking that, I can only imagine what my brother and sister-in-law think as they watch all those kiddos grow up. ;)

Anyway, I think birthdays and milestones and family dinners are the things I dislike most about being away from home. Sure, it's only 3.5 hours away, but it's not like I can just drive home on a weeknight to hang out or see the kids when I want. Speaking of which, because of that very fact, I will have to miss the celebration of my nephew Homer's FIRST birthday next month. Dang him for having a first birthday in the middle of the week. ;) It's tough, I'll admit. As my brothers and their families keep growing, it seems like I get to know the youngest kids less and less because I don't get home like I used to. Some of the older kids got to see me all the time because I wasn't out of town yet, but I hate fearing whether or not they'll know me or even care if/when I come around. (Alright, this post wasn't meant to get all sad, I swear. Ha!). Either way, all I know is that I am so dang grateful when they show me the excitement and love they do every time I go home. Makes me melt. :) I am one lucky aunt, and with that, I leave you with a big happy birthday to Nash and P!
 Me and Nash on Christmas 2012!
 This pic of me an P is a few years old, but I love it. :)

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