Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Envelope Mania!

It's been a little while since my initial posts about envelopes here and here, and quite honestly, it's because I simply haven't had time to make any. I have some spare paper lying around, but unfortunately, it doesn't excite me as much as I'd hoped. Well, that all changed this past weekend... Every time I drive to L's place in Madison, I pass a Hobby Lobby and think to myself how much I'd just love, Love, LOVE to stop there and check out their supplies for fun. I was lucky enough this past Friday to get a half day off work, so it put me in Madison a bit earlier than usual. What did that mean for me, you might ask? You guessed it. Hobby Lobby!!!! :) I've actually only been to one like once or twice in my life, but this time, I was on a mission. From my previous online searches, I learned that they have quite the extensive selection of scrapbook paper, cardstock, etc., so I took that trip into the store as an opportunity to load up. And load up I did. I seriously spent over $100 on paper. JUST paper. Is that really possible? Yep, it sure is. Please don't judge me! I just got completely sucked in. I honestly could have bought more, but I figured I should stop myself while I still had the willpower to do so. Secretly, I'm already thinking about going back. ;) I figured I could justify it a bit because I just got my tax return back. I put most of that return into savings, so spending a little on myself is acceptable, right? :) I'm one lucky girl in that L is so excited for me that he even offered to take me back and buy more paper for me at some point. How sweet is that?! Anyway, all the new paper I got served as a major inspiration for me to get going on this hobby or whatever you want to call it. I have been so busy these days that I haven't thought much about it, so it was cool to spend a little time tonight working on a couple new envelopes. I bought lots of different paper combinations that go well together, so I can mix and match them and make some pretty neat combinations. If I'm being totally honest, I'd love to do this enough where I could potentially sell some on Etsy or something like that. Or, at the very least, maybe I could convince people I know to purchase a few to give as gifts or something. :) We'll see what happens! For now, just take a look at one of my combinations I came up with and see what you think. Hope you like what I've created!
This owl paper (love!!) and the circle paper look really cool together, especially in person!
Here's the back side of the envelope.
Front side!
 The inside with the liner I created!
 I have some blank notecards from Target that I've used for previous notes, and it turns out many of them match this color scheme to a certain degree. I ended up choosing the second from the bottom to go inside the envelope so there is also a blank card for people to use with the envelope. Perfect!
 Here is the envelope with the notecard in it!
 The one bad part about the envelope size I like making is that it takes up almost an entire 12x12 sheet of paper. Fortunately, my envelope templates also came with a baby one, so I was able to create a small envelope (above and below) with the leftover paper to match the bigger one. Kinda cute!
 I used an additional blank notecard and cut it down to size to fit in the small envelope. Believe it or not, it's the perfect size for a gift card!! Anyone in need of a cute envelope for a gift card? If so, I've got your back! ;)
Here are the two envelopes together.

There you have it, folks. Nothing too crazy at this point... Just experimenting a bit! I have a few more sheets of paper that match this color scheme (polka dots and chevron), and I think I could come up with some pretty cool 'sets' of envelopes. I really look forward to continuing this. It's been really enjoyable. Thanks for following along on this little "journey" of mine! :)

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