Wednesday, August 1, 2012


As mentioned in my last post, I was home this past weekend to see the fam and to celebrate the wedding of my cousin Dan and his long time lady, Paige. The wedding was slightly smaller than I expected, but overall, it was a pretty good time! We had a good chunk of time between the ceremony and reception, so I just spent that time hangin' with the 'rents. Once we got to the reception, I got to socialize with family and friends, and that was really nice! My one gripe about the venue is that there is a bar and restaurant attached to the banquet hall, so in the down time, people head over to the bar area, and then it can be really difficult to get them back into the hall for the meal or dance. If I were getting married, I'd be hesitant to have my wedding there for that reason alone. I understand that people wander, but this place just gives far too many opportunities for that, ha! Anyway, the intro of the wedding party was pretty great (the DJ gave us a little history about all of the people in the wedding party), and then during the dance, there was a part where the DJ told everyone how Dan and Paige met and then read some words that they'd each written to each other. It was so sweet and I almost cried! I spent some time dancing and just having a good time, and then of course, Sunday came too soon. I hung out in Colby for awhile that day and got a later start back to Milwaukee than I wanted. However, I don't regret it considering I hadn't been there for 3 months. Hopefully it won't be that long until the next time! Until then, enjoy a few photos from the day!
 Me and mama before the wedding!
 With my bros! I love this picture. :)
 Oh, Jacob... ;)
 Me and Tayt!
 Dave and mama dancing during the mother/son dance!
 Dave and Court dancing!
Casey and Homer enjoying it as Jacob got dragged out to the dance floor! ;)

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