Wednesday, April 11, 2012

3 and 12.

While I don't have kids yet, I am lucky enough that I can say I have the next best thing: 6 amazing nieces and nephews. (Soon to be 7 when Jacob and Casey have their first baby in a MONTH!) Anyway, while I don't get to see the kiddos nearly as much as I'd like, they bring me more joy than I can possibly say, and I couldn't be happier to have them in my life. Aside from simply gushing about all of them, this entry does serve a purpose - to celebrate the birthdays of Nash and Peyton. See last year's entry here. Yesterday, my little Nasher turned a whopping three years old, and tomorrow, Peyton celebrates his golden birthday and turns twelve. TWELVE. Let me repeat that. TWELVE. Are you kidding me?! The fact that "I" am freaking out about this leads me to believe that Dave and Court are probably freaking out even more. It's hard to believe these kids are growing so fast, but the best part about it is that they seem to be growing into such special, well-behaved little humans. ;) Sure, there will be fights and attitudes and white lies and resistance (in other words, things all kids experience), but I am continually amazed at how good they are. And really, how many other twelve year old boys would be just as eager now as they were at age 6 to run and give their aunt a signature "special hug?!" Not many. Love that Peyton and I still share that little bond, and I hate that he's almost as tall as me, thereby making our hug that much harder. ;) And then there's Nash. He and I are finally at a point where he loves to run and give me a big 'ol hug whenever he sees me. That smile legitimately lights up the room, folks. Then it's usually not too long before we find ourselves locked back and forth between a, "You naughty." "No, YOU naughty." That's when I realize that if I'm arguing with a 3-year old about being naughty, and if he really is naughty, then I'm probably not doing him any favors by arguing with him. ;) Anyway, point of all this is, I love these boys dearly and can't believe another year has gone by. We can only hope they continue to grow into the wonderful young men they're capable of being. Happy birthday, boys. Auntie Nae Nae loves you! :)

(Photo courtesy of Court - aka: The Mama:)


casey said...

I'm still in disbelief! Where has the time gone!!!?:(
3 more weeks and there will, yet again, be ANOTHER addition!!! EEeeeeeeKKKKK!!!!:)

Courtney said...

can the world handle another SMITH!?! we shall see ;)

Renee said...

Time flies, and I'm confident the world can handle many more Smith kids. Keep 'em coming, ladies! ;)