Monday, March 26, 2012


My goodness. One month since I last posted on the blog. ONE MONTH. How does life fly by like that?! I apologize to the few faithful readers I have. Your patience is much appreciated, and provided you still even check my blog (ha), I'm so happy you care about my life. :) Anyway, I'm sadly home from work early today because I don't feel very well, but on the plus side, it does allow me some much needed time in bed where I can still conveniently blog. To be honest, I'm not even sure where to begin. Lots can happen in a month, and lots HAS happened. I'm going to do my best to just capture a few highlights and major happenings that have taken place, and hopefully you care enough to follow along. That being said, I'll probably do several entries in a short period of time. Bare with me! :)

Okay, so onto the point of this entry. About a month ago, I made the trek to Wausau to visit the bestie (Erin). Being an accountant, this time of year is very difficult for her to travel. So, since I miss her dearly and our visits are sadly much less frequent these days, I was thrilled to find a weekend that worked for me to head over and visit her. On top of that, Bean (Jill) also came over, so we had ourselves a fun little girls weekend. Much needed and much enjoyed! We spent a lot of time just chillin' and catching up, but we did go out to a few bars on Saturday night just because we could. ;) Below are a few pictures from our night out. A good time to say the least! Not seeing these girls very often makes me appreciate it so much more when I do, and fortunately, I think I may get to see them this coming weekend for alumni. Can't wait!

A little pre-bar shot. (I didn't like it;).

Goofing around.

Typical for me and Erin. ;)

Me and Bean!

Oh, Erin... ;)

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