Monday, February 27, 2012

Family Matters

In keeping with my usual theme, I'm way behind on this entry! A few weeks ago, I was gearing up for a nice, relaxing, "alone" weekend at my apartment, but I got a call from my mama asking if I'd be up for a couple visitors. Never one to turn down an opportunity to see people, I said yes and welcomed my mom and my Aunt Becky with open arms! :) They timed it out so they'd arrive when I got done with work, so that was nice. We had a pretty lowkey Friday night, and as usual, we spent a little time at Scotty's Pizza across the road. Such an interesting establishment! On Saturday, we did a little bit of shopping at TJ Maxx (found a few goodies, including the shirt I'm wearing in the photos below), and on our way back, I made a comment about there being this bar that I always drive by and am curious about called Off The Clock. I'm not one to go out on my own too often, so I've never stopped, but we happened to be coming up on it (hence why I brought it up), and in a split second moment, we whipped the car in to check it out. 100% worth the stop. I don't know why I was always curious about it, I never even got that good of a look at it driving by, but man, what a neat place! Not to mention that the people who worked there were incredibly friendly. We had lunch there on Saturday, went home and relaxed for awhile, ate dinner at a place called Beer Belly's, and then ended up back there to end our night! And then on Sunday, when we walked to Scotty's to get pizza for lunch and were informed they don't serve food until 4:00 on Sundays, we ended up going back to Off The Clock for lunch. Ha! Same bartender from the day before too, wow! She was so nice. Becky got brunch while mom and I shared pizza. And get this with the brunch. Whatever you order, it also comes with unlimited biscuits and gravy, breakfast potatoes, AND donut holes. Not just one of those things. ALL of those things. In addition to what you order. Say what?! So much food. And so delicious! Anyway, that basically sums up our weekend. Not like it comes as a surprise, but the three of us had a wonderful time and I'm so glad they came to visit. They'll be down again in a couple weeks for a concert, so I'm sure I'm in for some more fun! I included a few pictures from the weekend below, ones I know Aunt Becky would approve of. ;) A great weekend, and I'll do my best to add a few more posts in the near future about what else I've been up to lately. On the go as usual, but I appreciate you faithful followers! Until next time...

A nice one!

Charlie's Angels? :)

Sisters! (Love this one!)

Me and mama at Beer Belly's!

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