Tuesday, October 26, 2010


A few weeks ago, my computer started showing multiple signs of imminent doom, meaning I knew immediately that our remaining time together would be short-lived. I have had my laptop for over 4 years, so I can't complain because it has done a fine job up until recently. Unfortunately for me, though, it has decided to pretty much die at the time in my life when my funds are as low as they've been in a long time! :-/ I can't access the majority of my documents and programs because my computer decided to work only on a temporary profile. Well, what good is a damn computer if you can't access any of your files?! I've been talking to mom and dad quite a bit about the need for a new computer, but I've been putting it off. Until today, that is. While many people hate Dell computers, I have had virtually no problems with mine, so I decided to remain a loyal customer and purchase another laptop from them. My biggest issue with my current laptop is that I ran out of free disk space, so my choice for the new computer was one with a MUCH bigger hard drive. After consulting with my brother about what he thought were necessary features for a computer, I decided to purchase the Dell Inspiron M501R. While the initial price of $749.99 seemed reasonable, by the time I finished customizing it with all the "necessary" features, the total came to almost $1100. Yikes! I still decided to do it, and I signed up for a payment plan with Dell so that my monthly payments are reasonable enough to justify the purchase. When you're my age and you're looking for jobs in the profession I went to school for, a personal computer is pretty much a must. I really didn't want to spend the money, but honestly, I'm just so excited to get it that I don't even care right now! :) For all you Mac lovers, I know, I know... Shame on me for getting another PC, but at this point in my life, a PC is just a trusty comfort that I know and love, and right now, I don't have the patience or energy to deal with the added stress of figuring out a Mac. A few things I'm really excited about include a 10-key and a webcam, two things my current laptop doesn't have. All in all, I'll just be excited to have a working computer again! Let the countdown to its arrival begin!

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