Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend!

Why do I even blog? Seriously. Half the time I'm too busy to keep up, and half the time I feel like my life is so boring that I have nothing to blog about. Ha. I'll try to see what I can muster up this summer so you can keep up to speed on my wild happenings! ;) Actually, tomorrow, I head out with L for Florida (OMG!!), so it'll be fun to share some fun stuff from our trip with you on here once we venture back. Until then, I figured I'd post a few fun things from Mother's Day (and Smith Bros. open house) weekend!

It worked out really well. I actually had a conference in Schofield on Friday, so I drove up to Colby on Thursday night and went to my conference from there on Friday morning. It was a great conference! I really enjoyed it and actually felt like it wasn't a waste of my time, ha. L didn't come with me for a couple reasons, namely because he had to speak at UW-La Crosse's graduation that Sunday, so that was a bummer. BUT......... I was talking to him on the phone on my drive home from the conference and asking him all sorts of questions about his weekend plans and such, and then when I pulled into my parent's driveway, I'm like, "Wait?!? Are you here?!?!" Here the little stinker surprised me and drove up separately! I don't get genuinely surprised that often, but I seriously almost cried. It was exactly what I needed after a rough couple weeks at work. He still had to leave at the crack of dawn on Sunday, but at least he got to enjoy the Open House with us and stuff.

Anyway, we kept it pretty lowkey on Friday and had a great seafood buffet dinner at Allison's Steakhouse. It's L's fave. :) Saturday morning, I had to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress for my friend Becca's wedding, and then I soaked in all the craziness of the Smith Bros. open house. It's basically a customer appreciation event hosted by Smith Bros. and Colby Chrysler, the car dealership next door. There's tons of free food, monster truck rides, etc. Always pure and utter insanity, and it usually tests my ability to handle rude people, but overall, it's a wonderful event every year! That night, L and I spent some time at the Colby VFW with some college friends who happened to be up in Spencer visiting one of their parents for the weekend. It was a lot of fun! L had to go to La Crosse on Sunday, and I stayed in Colby that day to celebrate Mother's Day. Then it was back to Madison on Monday. It's sure been nice to get home a few more times lately! I miss my fam. Below are some random pictures from the adventures of the weekend!

 This little man turned TWO!:)
 The kiddos got their faces painted at the customer appreciation event! Here's A. :)
 And Drew.
 No smiles from Nash. ;)
 Bear is Superwoman!:)
 Goofy girl, goofy face!:)
 Jake and Homer!
 Me and Nasher on the Monster Truck!
 L wanted to test drive his dream Jeep, so we did! I had fun with pictures too;).
I really crack myself up. ;)
 Peyton sneaking in a creepy face at the end of our ride!;)
 Friends at the VFW!
 Mama had to work on Mother's Day morning, so Dad and I coped by having bloody's. ;)
  Then I hung out with family and had a delicious wine cooler:).
Here's me and mama on Mother's Day! Love you! :)
While I wasn't there, here's a pic of L doing his speech at UW-L's graduation! Stud. ;)

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